They’re Real…Honest!

Hello readers! Welcome to my blog and hope you all enjoy my first post. Today I am going to tell you about my favourite mascara at the moment. For the last year I haven’t changed my mascara, I have been wearing Benefit’s “They’re Real” mascara and I love it. I find it amazing. I was introduced to this mascara when I started working for Benefit. My fellow ‘Benebabes’ could not believe I was not wearing it before and now I understand why. The reason I love Benefit’s mascara is because it lengthens, curls, lifts and separates your lashes. Some people find it clumpy but that is either because you used too much or you let it dry and then tried to reapply. I found if you did this it became clumpy, but don’t worry when I first used “They’re Real” this happened to me too. I love this mascara because it is black and also it is smudge proof! It is not advertised as a waterproof mascara but it might as well be. This mascara is cry proof, so in my books it’s just as good as a waterproof mascara. I also love this mascara because I find it separates the lashes and makes mine longer (Means no fake lashes during the day).


Some people find this mascara difficult to remove. My advice, don’t use baby wipes or wet wipes as these are too harsh for your eyes and you need to use a cream cleanser. I use “Cetaphil” cleanser which is around €14 in chemists and this works a treat.


So here is a photo of myself with “They’re Real” mascara on one eye and none on the other. Proof is in the picture as to why I love this mascara. This mascara usually lasts me around 3-4 months as I am always wearing it and also no one likes a dried up mascara! It retails at €26 on all Benefit counters.

Hope you enjoyed my first blog post, more to come!

Love K x

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