Cocoa Brown Tan

All my friends have been talking about this new tan that is in Penneys so I said I must try it out. Why have I not done this sooner, I know! It is AMAZING!! I have tried so many different tans by now it’s a joke! Sally Hansen doesn’t suit my skin and makes me look patchy, Rimmel washes off with a drop of water and Dove just smells too much! I used the 1 hour Cocoa Brown Tan which is a brown mousse. I applied the tan with my tan mitt and then went off to curl my hair while the tan dried. When you are applying this tan the colour comes up so you can see what your doing. Always helpful so you avoid those terrible streaks! However this tan dries quick so apply the tan to the different sections of your body and work quickly. On the bottle it said to wash off between 1-3 hours but the first time I used this tan I was in a rush so I didn’t wash it off and the colour was fab! I am a huge fan of instant tan as it is perfect for last minute decisions. When I washed off the Cocoa Brown Tan the next day there was a lovely light tan left which is perfect for the next few days. This tan also faded lovely. I used my exfoliating glove and this took the tan off perfect. No streaks or patchy spots were left. I would highly recommend using this tan.

I am now on my second bottle of tan and love it! What’s not to love with a price of ā‚¬7.99. I bought my tan in Penneys but you can get Cocoa Brown Tan in most pharmacy’s and in Marissa Carter’s Beauty salon in Blackrock.

Here are some pictures from nights out where I have worn the tan.

class night outStephens night tan

Happy Reading and Stay Fabulous,

Love K x

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