Going to the ‘Dark’ Side


The countdown to Summer has officially started and what better way to really get in the mood than with a new shade of tan! Marissa Carter the fabulous creator of Cocoa Brown Tan has now brought out three new products to get us ladies truly glowing this summer. If your like myself and tanning isn’t something that naturally happens then your in for a treat! I decided to give Cocoa Brown’s 1 Hour Tan DARK a try first. When I saw on their Facebook page that they were bringing out new products I could not wait to try them out. I love a dark tan for a night out so I tried it out over the weekend. On Sunday afternoon I applied the 1 Hour Tan Dark and I instantly loved the shade. I would say it is roughly 2-3 shades darker than the traditional 1 Hour Tan but I thought it was perfect for a night out. I usually have to apply 2 coats of the 1 Hour Tan to my legs so having a darker tan worked in my favour. Here is a picture of my legs before I applied the tan and when I applied the tan.


I decided to leave the tan on for the night to see what shade it would come up and how dark it would go. I was very impressed. It looked like I had gotten a spray tan which for a night out on the town is the colour I like. The next morning I washed off the tan and what was even better about Marissa’s new tan is that I wasn’t too dark either! This was great because I don’t like to wear dark foundation for during the day. I am LOVING this new shade. It is perfect for a night out and then the next day you just look like a bronzed goddess who came back from her two week holiday in the South of France!! My only problem is I have yet to perfect my ability of tanning and I unfortunately can never blend my hands evenly! Think I need a few lessons or tips on the art of mastering fake tan. I’m afraid one of my fingers is standing out a little to the rest! Here is a picture of me just before I went out!


Stay Fabulous,

Love K x

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