Oh my BROW..!

Recently on Facebook I saw a post about before and after photos of celebrities that prove that eyebrows can change your entire face…this is SO true! Brows shape the face and finish off your makeup look completely! I was SHOCKED at this picture of Demi Lovato…She still looks as fab as ever.


But don’t worry we have all made mistakes and with the help of a few trusty brow tools we can now create whatever shape takes our fancy. I am very lucky as my mother never let me touch my own eyebrows (also I cannot endure pain and I HATE getting my eyebrows plucked as I find it so painful… extreme baby I know), she looked after them for me so I have always maintained the shape I have now.

Many people might not know this but my eyebrows are completely blonde and I get them tinted every 4-5 weeks to maintain there lovely light brown shade. (Another thing my mom introduced me to, and yes I would be lost without her trusty beauty guidance). In between tinting I use Benefit Cosmetics ‘Brow Zings’, which retails at €34. This is my all time favourite brow kit. I use the light shade and I find this works perfect as you can build the shade of your brow up by using more product. It comes with two brushes and a tweezers and has a powder and wax. The powder is the colour and the wax is used as a setting agent. A lot of people freak when they first look at the product and see how dark the wax is but it is nothing to worry about, a little goes a long way and I have had my Brow Zings over a year now and it is still going strong! The reason why I use Brow Zings so often is because when I apply my brows in the morning the product stays for the whole day and I never have to top up my brows unlike my foundation or powder, at least this is one less thing we have to worry about in our daily lives.

Here is a photo of myself in between tinting (of course I could not share a photo of my brows completely blonde as this rarely happens). Without product they just look untamed and out of shape.


Here is one brow with Brow Zings on.


And HELLO normal looking Kate! See how Brows make a huge difference!


One day myself and a few friends were discussing ‘If your house was to go on fire what would you not leave the house without’, the majority of us said we would never leave the house without our Brows on and this is so true! Brows really do change your life, not just your face.

Let me know what Brow products you love using and why!

Stay Fabulous,

Love K x


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