Girls Just wanna have fun

So yesterday was my birthday and what better way to spend it than having fun! I had a brilliant weekend of fine dining and wining with friends and family! My friends spoiled me with endless amounts of Malteaser Bunnies which I absolutely LOVE!!! Chocolate is always the way to a girls heart. Thanks Aimee!

photo 3

I started writing this post before I had opened my cards and I could not believe when my mum sent me this one, it was like she had read my mind about what I was calling my blog post. Great minds think alike I always say.


Girls just wanna have fun and that is what we did this weekend! I don’t normally wear strong lipstick as I often don’t think it suits me but I decided tonight I would go all out and try out Max Factor’s ‘Ruby Tuesday’.  Normally I find strong lipstick usually bleeds if you don’t use a lip liner but Max Factor’s lipstick worked perfectly, I only had to top up my lipstick once throughout the whole night…success! I hate when lipstick fades and you don’t notice for ages, this really puts me off wearing it but I was really happy with how Max Factor’s lipstick stayed. Think I might go out and try it in different colours and let you know how I get on. As per usual I had my trusty Eylure  false lashes on, it would not be a dressy night without them. For this look I decided to use number 140. These lashes are thicker and darker than the lashes I normally use but it is nice ever so often to try out different ones creating a new exciting look. I kept my eye makeup nice and simple as I had used dramatic lashes and a striking lip so I used MAC ‘shroom’ over my lid and ‘wood-winked’ under my eyes and finishing off the look with some black liquid liner. I love using liner and find it really does complete a makeup look. As a treat I got my hair done in Brown Sugar in Blackrock. I really like this soft curly blow dry, different to my usual curls but much softer and had great volume and bounce to it.

Close up  Makeup



aimee and kate

Of course a night out would not be a night out without my favourite fake tan Cocoa Brown. This tan is my life saver. If I had to tan the night before or wait more than an hour or two for tan to develop I would never be ready for a night out. Takes me long enough as it is!! Look at this cute travel set I picked up in Penneys the other day! Perfect for a girl on the go.


To complete my weekend on Sunday my brother brought me for breakfast to Brother Hubbard on Capel Street in Dublin. Yummy is an under statement. I decided to go for their ‘eggs menemen’ which is a classic Turkish dish of soft scrambled eggs with a whipped feta yogurt, the flavours off this dish were out of this world. My brother got their ‘breakfast of champignons’. It was my first time going to this restaurant but my brother highly recommended this brunch, we are a big foodie family so I loved the variety of options on the menu. If you want an unique brunch this is the place for you.

photo 2

Hope everyone had a fab weekend and had as much fun as I did. Until the next time!

Stay Fabulous,

Love K x

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