My Great Escape to Monart

As a treat last week myself and my mum decided to take a trip down to Monart Spa in Co.Wexford for a mid week escape. Dad had gotten mum a voucher as a present and lucky me I got to tag along for the trip, poor dad missed out. We picked the perfect time to go midweek and 17 degrees, what’s not to love!

Arriving in the sunshine felt magical. We drove up their avenue with bluebells on both sides of the path guiding our way to the old house of Monart. Monart have kept with the old style theme of the original house but have added a twist of modern day decor into their style and this has worked completely throughout the whole spa experience. When you first arrive you enter through the old house then you meet the modern twist when you wander through onto the reception. They have married the old with the new and it is spot on. The brightness of the main reception is so welcoming and the beautiful tree takes center stage beside the staircase.

1At the reception you are overlooking the pond area which is breathtaking. I let mum check in while I went out to explore. Our stay started off with a delightful greeting of mini strawberry smoothies along with a tour which lead to our room. Our room over looked the woodlands on the ground floor. If I came back again I would ask for a first floor room as the ceilings are higher and they have a really cute balcony but I loved our room and the sunlight on our little patio area was perfect.

With the sun shining we decided to get a bite to eat outside at the bar. The menu looked delish and we had to resist the extensive cocktail menu as it was only 2pm. Shades were on and we soaked up the sun, of course I forgot sun cream and tried to position myself not to get burnt. One of the waitresses Antoinette overheard me saying to mum that I hope I don’t get burnt and she brought us over mini sun creams, she went completely out of her way to get them but it is with service like this that makes Monart so amazing. The staff hands down were so friendly and went out of their way to help you, an asset to Monart.

2I really enjoyed exploring the gardens of Monart. Growing up my Granny and Mum were huge into garden so I really appreciate the beauty of flowers. The gardens here are spectacular and maintained so well, with the variety of plants and the lawns shaped in mounds. When you first enter Monart and see the pond with ducks and the stone bridge in the middle of the water it is just beautiful, this place is truly an escape.

34 5 6 7My favourite flower is the Rhododendrons pictured below. We have many of them at home in a variety of colours and this plant always reminds me of my granny staying in my house and bringing a collection of them into our house to arrange.

8Now onto the exciting part of why we came to Monart, the Spa! I have never felt more relaxed in all my life. One of my favourite past times is going to Spas. From the moment you enter the Spa you feel relaxed. No mobiles are allowed in the Spa area so you can truly relax. You spend your whole day in your fluffy robe and slippers and you are treated like a Queen. There is also a gym if you feel like actually getting dressed! The day we arrived I had a back massage booked which was 30 minutes long. The girl greeted me and brought me upstairs to the treatment room, I nearly fell asleep during the massage I was that relaxed. After the treatment you are shown to the ‘dark’ relaxation room which has beds for you to fall asleep on but I chose to go back downstairs as the sun was still shining. I lay outside and soaked up the sunshine. Inside in the ‘bright’ relaxation room there are beds to lie on and there are also cocoon seats which are curved and incredibly comfy!! I had many naps in them. I think being there showed how tired I was and that often you need to recharge your batteries and take some ‘me time’. I only had phone coverage outside at the front of the house where I rarely was so I felt I was had completely escaped from the world. No one was able to contact me and I didn’t spend my spare time checking what was happening on Instagram…(Guilty as charged). I think a night away is needed every now and again. On my second day there I got an hour long facial. Facials are my favourite treatment to get when I am in a Spa. I believe it is incredibly important to look after your skin while you are young and my mum has thought me this from a young age. They use Pevonia skin care range which I hadn’t tried before and it felt lovely on my skin. I have sensitive skin and often react to products that are heavy in texture but my skin got on perfect with this brand. I would recommend booking two treatments in if you are there for a full day. I wish I had been able to take a picture of the Spa as Monart’s Spa is so far the best one I have been to in Ireland. Their thermal suite is truly unique and with the brightness and the cleverly placed windows you feel like you are relaxing with nature.

photo (14)

We had a lovely stay with gorgeous food (do not miss breakfast and try their granola bars…to die for!) and escaped to utter relaxation. Thank you Monart for making our stay unforgettable and to your staff for going out of their way to make us feel welcomed. For more information about Monart check out their website:

Stay Fabulous,

K x


One thought on “My Great Escape to Monart

  1. I live locally and have had the pleasure of spending day visits at Monart. To be honest I am not the spa type of woman but I must agree with K, it is a wonderful experience and one that has been repeated a number of times and will be again in the future.

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