Naked Thursdays

For this weeks Naked Palette look I used the original Naked 1 Palette. This is possibly my favourite eye shadow palette that I own and I have had it for ages! The quality in the pigments of the shadow are so deep which makes the shadow last longer on the eyelid. As you can see in the photo below ‘Sin’ is nearly gone. I love using this colour of eye shadow when I am going for a natural look and only want to use one colour. It is a like champagne shimmer which does not have too much glitter which means no excess shadow will drop down below your eyes. I brought this palette with me last year on my 4 month around the world trip and did not get sick of any of the colours. While I was travelling I had to keep my makeup bag to the bare minimum (you should have seen my toiletries!!) but this palette fitted perfectly and the quality of the packaging meant it was sturdy.


‘Half Baked’ is possibly my favourite shimmer in this set. In case you have yet to notice I love gold and bronze eye shadows as they compliment my skin tone and also match my hair! I often play around with different colours and often looks can work out and often they don’t so my advice is to play around with the eye shadows and not to use too many colours at once. Makeup is all about being creative and experimenting, so have fun!!

Now lets take a look at the eye makeup look  I created. I kept things simple and used two colours. I used ‘Smog’ over the base and then used a small amount of ‘Half Baked in the crease to add that golden sparkle. I used a clean blending brush for blending the shadows and my main focus was the heavy black Bobbi Brown liquid liner.

I am a creature of habit so when I use a product once and fall in love with it I find it very hard to part with. To create a flick it takes lots of practice and even though I wear a little flick in a lot of my looks I too can get it wrong and end up with uneven eyes!!  I have yet to use any other gel liquid liner. Does anyone have any recommendations for black liquid liners that they cannot live without? I would love to hear what everyone else is wearing!

DSCN0452 DSCN0456

Happy Thursday!

Stay Fabulous,

K x

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