Benebabe Evening

Last Thursday my local Benefit in Debenhams in Blackrock held a beauty master class. I love learning what different tips and tricks makeup artists use so when Sophie invited me to come along I jumped at the opportunity! As a former Benebabe I love hearing about the new products they have coming out. This year they has the launch of the Hydrating tinted lip balms, Dream Screen which is a SPF for the face, Big Easy a tinted moisturiser and the exciting launch of the They’re real push up liner which I will be purchasing this week!


The look of the night was tropical themed focusing on coral shades and how you can work them on an Irish skin. Some people think coral shades work better on tanned skin but I love using coral toned lipsticks and glosses as they work well with a typical Irish skin tone like my own. Sophie started the demonstration by explaining how she was going to do things the Benefit was and just put product on half the face to show the real effects Benefit’s products have. The difference this makes is huge. It really shows customers what the product truly looks like and you can compare this to your own bare face but don’t worry the girls at Benefit wont leave you with only half a face of makeup on!

Kaimee then told everyone about the history of the brand and talked about the products in more detail. Kaimee explained the design and the concept of the packaging of the skincare which was a fun fact I didn’t know! The packaging is inspired by California. The lids resemble the sand from the beach and the bottles are a blue-aqua colour which reminds them of the sea. Benefit’s packaging and names of their products are always quirky and fun and this is what makes their brand unique and stands out from all the other leading makeup brands out there.


So I am going to focus on the products that I haven’t used before that the girls used for this look. I already use so many of Benefit’s products so I think it is nice to look at products that I never used to think to try. First Kaimee and Sophie talked about the skincare range that Benefit have. I am a huge fan of their ‘Refined Finish Facial Polish’ which I always keep in the shower for exfoliating my face. This exfoliator is really gentle and great if you have sensitive skin. They used ‘Instant Comeback Serum’ which is a new facial serum that is anti aging and hydrating, perfect for dry skin and smells great!! Sophie applied ‘Fake Up’ which is an under eye concealer which has a moisture balm containing vitamin E around the actual concealer itself. This is a first of it’s kind and is so gentle to the skin. I find concealers can be too heavy under my eyes but the consistency of this product is so light but with great coverage!  This concealer also doesn’t crease as much as regular concealers because of the balm. Sophie recommends applying it under the eye in a V shape and blending afterwards. Another product the girls used which I have yet to try is ‘Gimme Brow’. As you have seen from previous posts I am eyebrow obsessed! I also cannot go out without my brows on,   the life of a red head! Benefit have ‘Gimme Brow’ in two shades. Top tip from the girls: use the tip of the brush to create coloured brows with a powder finish. You can also use this product over your Benefit ‘Brow Zings’.  Sophie used three eye shadows to create her look, ‘Call My Bluff’ all over the lid, ‘It’s complicated’ and ‘Hoola’ to the socket. ‘Hoola’ is Benefit’s bronzer but Sophie showed how to multi use their products! This this a handy tip if you are running out of space in your makeup bag and need to cut down!!


To finish off the look Sophie used ‘Cha Cha Tint’ which is a coral lip stain over the lips. A few weeks ago Benefit brought out their new hydrating lip balms in the same tones as their tints! Perfect when you need a top up! Sophie then applied the ‘Cha Cha Balm’ over the tint. The coral colours were fab, great for the summer! I love a pop of colour to finish off a look! Keeping in the theme of Tropical Sophie used ‘Coarlista’ as the blusher and ‘Sunbeam’ as a highlight, This highlighted give a lovely sun kissed glow to your skin! I often use it on my legs to highlight my tan!

Benefit have unique and quirky names which make them so popular. I cannot wait to go and pick up my new liner today from the girls! Will let you all know how I get on with using it and how amazing it is!! I had such a fun evening at the Master Class held by Benenbabes Kaimee and Sophie! Cannot wait for the next one!!


Stay Fabulous,

K x

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