Pucker up with Max Factor

I love love love lip glosses. I mean what is not to love about them. Lip gloss completes a look by simply adding a pop of colour or else it can take you from a day time look to a dramatic night time look by adding just one simple product. I normally tend to stay with the same tones for my lips, nothing too wild unless I am wearing red on my lips! Every now and then I like to step out of my comfort zone and experiment with my makeup so why not start with your lip shade first.


As you can see from the picture above all these colours are not too bold but they are perfect for me! Feeling a bit flirtatious? Then ‘Polished Fushia’ is for you. ‘Enchanting Coral’ is right in trend this summer and is a subtle coral, perfect for any fellow redheads out there. I find coral compliments my skin tone even when I am super pale with no tan on. There are three fab nudes in this collection, ‘Pristine Nude’ being my favourite. When finishing off a makeup look the lips can often be a spot that can be missed by most. If you are not confident enough for the brighter shades or feel that you just want a hint of colour then these Max Factor lip glosses are perfect for you. The two shades at the start are the brightest but even at that they are not too strong but just add more colour that the nudes.

Below are three looks I created, all completely different. In the first look I used Max Factor’s ‘Luxurious Berry’ Elixir Gloss. This was an evening look I created and I was wearing a pink skirt out that night and decided lets match! As you can see from the picture though the gloss does not power the look but just completes the look, frankly they had no chance up against those eye lashes! HA!





My second look is from a Sunday well spent at the beach. Some SFP mixed with a little foundation and mascara and I was ready to go but can’t be seen out the door with dry lips so I popped on my fave ‘Pristine Nude’ and hey presto I was ready!

The third look is another evening look with of course dramatic lashes! I went for Max Factor’s ‘Radiant Rose’ this time as there is a hint of shimmer going through this gloss. I really like a gloss that is either shiny or has a hint of shimmer so this one worked perfectly.

So there you have it three looks created with these glosses and in being honest they are my favourite. I often loose lip gloss as I always leave them in my handbags and of course when you are in a rush out the door you can never find them so at least with these Max Factor glosses I can buy several of them because of their price! I found they hydrated your lips at the same time as looking fabulous! Another reason why I loved these Max Factor Colour Elixir Glosses is because they are not too sticky, I mean no girl wants to put her gloss on onl

The Max Factor Colour Elixir Gloss range are €9.99 in leading pharmacies nationwide.


Stay Fabulous,

K x

*This is a PR sample post, however I love them so much and I am half way through the glosses that I will be running to the shops when they are empty to get my fix again*

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