The Dolce Vita – Charlotte Tilbury

Ever since I first saw Charlotte Tilbury on Instagram I fell in love with her make-up. At the time it was only available in Selfridges in London and I knew I was not going to be in London any time soon so I began lusting after every look she created. When I heard Charlotte was bringing her make-up to Brown Thomas in Dublin I jumped at the chance of trying her make-up. So excited I even booked an appointment over a month in advance for the launch in August. Charlotte has been in the fashion and beauty industry for over twenty years and is frequently seen backstage at the various fashion weeks working her magic. She believes make-up has an incredible transformative power and I couldn’t agree more with her. As a fellow red head I admire her creativity even more as I can relate to her. Charlotte has created 10 amazing and equally different looks on one woman which truly shows the power make-up and creativity has to create a true ‘superwoman’. photo 2 Last weekend I went in for my appointment in Brown Thomas on Grafton Street with the Lovely Sarah-Jane. After truly stalking Charlotte’s page for what look I wanted I decided to go with ‘The Dolce Vita’. According to Charlotte ‘The Dolce Vita women lives a life of luxury, pleasure and indulgence. Underneath those full, flirtatious lashes is a super sultry stare. Your seductive lash line flicks outwards and upwards in an alluring, smoky homage to the screen sirens and starlets past and present’. Sarah-Jane talked me through all the products that we were going to use to create the look. Charlotte’s ‘Magic Cream’ was truly magic and incredibly soft and my skin felt instantly nourished. My skin had been feeling under the weather and this moisturiser really worked to transform my tired dull looking skin to bright and beautiful. My favourite product that we used were ‘Filmstar Bronze & Glow’ face sculpt and highlighter. This product is kind of AMAZING! When Sarah-Jane applied this product to my skin it lifted my cheek bones and added shape and structure to my face, I was so impressed that I bought it straight way. Contouring and highlighting your face can completely transform your face and show the true power that make-up can have. In being honest I could have walked out of Brown Thomas with every product Charlotte has but I had to control myself and instead I started making a Christmas Wish List, early I know! photo 5 Make-up to me is like fashion to others. Every season there are new trends, new looks and new products. Each very different and each artist showcasing their look in a completely different way. The same way if you took two fashion stylists and gave them the same items of clothing both would create two completely different looks based on their creative eye and this is the same with make-up artists. I love getting my make-up done by artists working in the beauty scene showcasing their creative skills. I would highly recommend any of Charlotte’s products as so far there are non that I don’t like and I cannot wait to buy one of her eye-shadow palettes, the pigment is so strong! Below is the look that Sarah-Jane created on me in Brown Thomas Dublin. photo 1 (1)   Stay Fabulous, K x

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