My Weekend in the Sunny South East

Last weekend myself and my mum decided to get away for a girly weekend down to Kelly’s Resort Hotel & Spa Rosslare in County Wexford. For us this just wasn’t a normal get away for a Spa weekend as we have done before as Kelly’s has a special place in our heart. My mum has been going to Kelly’s since she was 4 years old and has never missed a year until I was born (sorry mum) so my family changed their week and now go twice a year. Kelly’s is like no other place in Ireland and unless you have been there sometimes you might not get it. You don’t leave the hotel (unless it is to the beach) and you eat every night in the hotel (the food is out of this world and I could talk all day about it). If you are anyway a ‘foodie’ you need to get yourself down for at least one night to experience their restaurant. Here is just a sample of what we had for dinner. *Insert drooling*

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Kelly’s Hotel is located right on the beach which gives you this surreal experience, I mean your hotel is on the beach what is not perfect about it! I could spend all day talking about how much I love Kelly’s and the happy memories I have down there as a child but this blog post is a focus on their Spa.


On Saturday the two of us had booked ourselves into the Spa for the afternoon. We started off our afternoon by relaxing in the thermal suite. At Kelly’s Spa they have a Seawater Vitality Pool which starts off indoors and then as you swim through the pool it brings you outdoors for a unique experience. I started off by using the Laconium which is a relaxing dry environment designed to recreate the atmosphere of a Roman Sauna. This is one of my favourite parts of the thermal suite. The temperature is just right as it is not as hot as a Sauna. At Kelly’s they also have a Salt Infused Steam Room. While in this thermal suite you can experience all the benefits the sea has to offer for your skin. I spent 5 minutes in both of these and then made a bee line for their heated loungers which are contoured to the body. I actually fell asleep on these until it was time for my treatment I was that relaxed! This was not my first time into this thermal suite otherwise I would have been wide awake trying out everything several times. Every now and again you need that ‘me’ time to get away and relax in the way that your body needs to. After all everybody relaxes in different ways and for me this is just what I needed.

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Now onto the fun part our treatments. Mum got an ESPA Back, Face and Scalp Massage and I went for my regular Clarins Facial with an ESPA Scalp Massage. Facials are my favourite treatment to get when I go to Spas and I just love how my skin glows after them, I can see an instant lift. I wear a lot of makeup and I suffer from dry skin so I would treat myself to a facial every 2-3 months and I can really notice the difference in my skin. My mum has always told me if you look after your skin when you are young it will pay off in the future and I can see from her skin she is completely right. She has always taken such good care of her skin and she looks amazing. So back to my treatment with Fidelma. So yet again I had a mini snooze during this treatment but it wasn’t until the head massage so I can remember exactly what Fidelma used on my skin. She started off by using Clarins ‘Instant Eye Make-Up Remover’ as I was wearing mascara. I found this product so soothing and gentle on my eyes. I have to be careful which cleansers that I use as sometimes they don’t agree with my skin but this Clarins one was so gentle. This next product I absolutely LOVED! It was Clarins ‘Gentle Refiner Exfoliating Cream with Micro Beads’. Fidelma explained that you use this product 2-3 times a week. I often find facial exfoliators too harsh on my face to use that often but this product again was so gentle yet had the gritty bits that worked their magic on my skin removing dead skin cells and working on my open pores which I am so conscious of. This is on my wish list for Christmas already!  The mask she used on my skin I already have and find it perfect on my dry skin for adding hydration to the skin. It is the Clarins ‘HydraQuench Cream-Mask’. If you have dry skin at all I would highly recommend using this mask. I only use it once a month, I should be using it more I know but it is well worth investing in. When your skin is in good condition your make-up sits and looks so much better.

Next Fidelma moved onto the scalp massage which is not included in this facial but Deirdre kindly was able to squeeze me in for this extra treatment. She used the ESPA ‘Pink Scalp Mud’ which is a beauty must have for anyone who wants to have soft and luxurious hair! This is my hair care beauty must have and I LOVE it! Now I must warn you that if you get a scalp massage your hair will look messy, not at it’s best and may be all over the place with the scalp mud but it is worth it! When you step in the shower afterwards you can instantly feel how the product worked in your hair and the benefits a conditioning treatment has. You can also buy this product to use at home and I would use it about once a month too!

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Overall this Thermal Suite and Spa is not like others that I have been to. It is so tranquil that you feel as if you are on some sort of spa retreat and the outside world does not exist. This spa makes you forget about all the problems in your life and you feel truly relaxed that you may never want to leave!

Kelly’s has some great offers to avail of with the Spa packages and you can find these over on their website:

The weekend flew and I feel so relaxed. Thanks to everyone at Kelly’s for making our stay yet again unforgettable. We ate great food and spent most of the weekend walking the beach with the fresh sea air.

Have you been to Kelly’s before? Let me know what you thought?

Stay Fabulous,

Kate x


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