Do you dare to go Red?

A very common question people ask me time and time again is, ‘is that your natural hair colour?’. I am incredibly proud to say that I have never died my hair, not even a wash in! Why have I never dyed my hair you ask? Well I have to thank my Mum for that. When I was 16 all I wanted was to get blonde highlights. At the time my best friend and I were possibly the only two girls in our year who had never put colour in our hair. We wanted a change and we wanted to look different but neither of our mothers would even acknowledge the idea. So much so my mum even told my hairdresser under no circumstance was she allowed to colour my hair. Dramatic I know but I am forever grateful,  thanks Mum! Instead what she did was buy me these ghastly blonde clip in extensions. (My old Bebo profile has evidence of this hair DISASTER but thankfully I can’t remember my password so all is safe in the world). Now at the time I thought I was the coolest thing since sliced bread but this just shows me that what may be in fashion now will not be in the future.

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Last week I was sent out PureologyReviving Red’ hair care products to try out. I love trying products that are specifically for red heads like myself. From last Monday to today I have used no other hair care products but the Pureology range. I wanted to give this product a fair trial and to see if it made a difference to my hair. The ‘Reviving Red’ collection is intended for the use when people dare to go red but are afraid of the upkeep. I have seen many cases where girls dye their hair red and then it fades quickly. The thing about red hair is it can change. Weird as it sounds but my hair colour can change depending on the time of the year. Once I was in a hairdressers and she asked had I ombre in my hair! The top part of my hair can be a lot lighter and more vibrant than the bottom half of my hair. It also looks a lot darker when I curl my hair.  That’s another reason why I wanted to try out this product because I wanted that auburn vibrancy throughout my hair, not just at my roots.

So onto the Pureology ‘Reviving Red’ products. So what makes this brand so special and how do you know that these products will work for you. This unique ZeroSulphate, AntiFade, oil infused haircare system is specifically formulated to preserve natural or colour treated red or copper hair. The result from using Pureology ‘Reviving Red’ products is longer lasting colour with enhanced vibrancy and condition. I think no matter what hair shade you have you want it looking at it’s best and I feel it is incredibly important to invest in good hair care. Hair is so important because usually it is one of the first things you notice on a person and yes they will judge you so have it at it’s best.

Top Tips from the experts at Pureology:

  • Do not over-wash your hair, three to four times a week is more than enough. George Northwood who is the owner of the first UK Pureology Flagship Salon believes investing in a good translucent dry shampoo is key.
  • See a Pro: Bye bye home care dying kits. If you dare to go red you need to see an expert in this matter. This colour can often be too difficult to get quality results at home.
  • Get the right red for you: As you might already know there are several shades of red and copper and it is important to get the right shade to suit your skin tone. It is all about sitting down with you hair dresser and discussing what shades are best for you.


Red hair

My Verdict:

The first product I tried was the ‘Reviving Red Illuminating Caring Oil’. You apply small amounts to damp or dry hair and work through. This is a leave in treatment so it was perfect as I dashed off to work with wet hair. Why this product is so good, well first of all it smelled divine, second of all it helps prevent dryness to your hair. I notice with my own hair that it can often become quite dry which can often be strange to describe your hair as ‘dry’ but it can feel lifeless. Pureology recommend using this product everyday which I did and I noticed a huge difference to the ends of my hair. I wanted to improve the vibrancy of my hair and my hair felt noticeably softer too. Huge thumbs up from me for this hair oil. RRP €39.85

I used both the ‘Reviving Red Sham’Oil’ and the ‘Reviving Red Conditioner’ three times this week just as Pureology expert George recommend. The Pureology Shampoo helps to replenish he protective lipid layer, helping to seal the cuticle and maintain the depth of colour and shine. While the Pureology Conditioner’s blend of conditioning oils help to detangle, restore moisture and give lightweight conditioning to dry, red hair. Even after just 3 washes I have noticed that the ends of my hair are looking more vibrant already. I am going to use this product for two weeks to see if there is more of a change but I am incredibly happy with this hair care product. I suffer from dry scalp and have to use a special shampoo for that and I was a little bit afraid of using a new shampoo but this product is perfect for when your hair needs a boost of colour or want to maintain that firey glow! Reviving Red Shamp’Oil (RRP €17.55), Reviving Red Conditioner (RRP €21.75).


These products are expensive but if you are looking for high quality good products that actually work then I cannot recommend the Pureology hair care products.

Pureology Reviving Red Haircare System is available from November 2014 in selected professional hair salons in Ireland & UK

You can also get the Pureology products on!

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Stay Fabulous,

K x


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