The battle of the dry shampoo’s

I think I speak for most girls when I say dry shampoo has saved my life on more than one occasion. Having shiny healthy hair is so important to me. Over washing your hair can be just as bad and damaging for your hair. Seeing as I have a serious head of hair dry shampoo is my knight in shinning armour. When my hair is down I am always touching it and this does not help keep it looking at it’s best. I was first introduced to the idea of dry shampoo by my friend Helen in French collage. I knew nothing about it and she helped me transform my hair, we used talc back then but it did the job just as good!

So now I am going to compare three of my favourite dry shampoos.

Coming in at number one is Batiste Dry Shampoo. Why is it my favourite? I find their availability and size incredible. You can live life on the larger size or have them in your handbag with their travel size cans. When hair needs a tough up or when you have been out in the smoking area this product is brilliant and smells divine. When you spray the product it comes out white in colour like talc but you just work this into your hair. Batiste have expanded their range to overcome this problem if it was something you were not happy with. As a red head my hair is incredibly thick and can often become greasy quite easily. At the moment Batiste have only a special dry shampoo for blondes and brunettes but when they come out with a version for red heads I will be the first to try it out!


Next is Aussie Miracle Dry Shampoo ‘Mega Instant’. The product is clear when you spray it out and instantly makes hair feel fresh. It has a completely different texture to the previous Batiste product with a fruity smell of Australian Jojoba Extract. I really liked using this product because it added a huge amount of volume to my hair. It felt like I was using hairspray which if your roots are looking a little or the greasy side this might not be the product for you. Only downfall is the bottle is too big for my handbag but if Aussie decide to bring out a mini travel size bottle I might be their number 1 fan.


Pantene ‘Volume Booster’ is perfect for when you are styling your hair and need an instant lift without the sticky feeling of hair spray. This product was clear when you sprayed it out and smelled floral! The smell lasted ages in my hair which I really liked and kept it feeling fresh! Instead of spraying perfume in your hair try this dry shampoo as perfume can discolour your highlights if you have them.

What is your favourite Dry Shampoo? Tweet me your opinion @k8_kell

Stay Fabulous

K x

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