Autumn Leaves

Autumn is possibly my favourite time of year. I love those crisp cold days and the change of season means a change of wardrobe of course. We have been lucky this Autumn with the weather and there hasn’t been a need for water proof footwear or rain coats. I enjoy wearing chunky knits when you don’t need a coat, after all there is nothing worse than feeling all hot and bothered in a coat.

One of my first memories of autumn was with my mom and brother. We were playing in our garden and I fell into a huge pile of leaves! The first thing my brother says is ‘Mum, Kate’s hair is the colour of autumn leaves!’. He was certainly correct! These photos were taken at my house under the same trees I once fell under but I didn’t fancy trying to create that shot on my own!


I bought this outfit while I was in London a while ago. I am in love with this Fedora hat and will wear it at any given moment, not to sure what dad thought of it while taking these photos. The Oxblood colour gives it a complete autumn look. I bought these jeans in River Island. I find it really difficult to find jeans that fit me. I have short legs and hips. What fits my waist is too long for my legs or else too baggy and the baggy jean look just is not my style. They are the Molly Jeggings and come in several shades of denim. You can shop here. I am a huge fan of jumpers. They wear themselves and need very little to dress them up. I am like a crow, once I see something shiny I am instantly attracted to it. So when I saw this jumper I had to have it, it’s from Topshop. Another reason why I love it is because of the cut out detail on the shoulders, makes this outfit funky, don’t you think?


For this look I kept my make-up very simple. If I was to take this look into the night I would add a pop of colour to my lips similar to the shade of my hat. What do you think?

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.”
Albert Camus

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Stay Fabulous,

K x

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