Winter Skin Care Musts

The frost is on our cars and winter has officially hit which means one thing…DRY SKIN!

We go from freezing temperatures outside to toasty central heating inside and we need to think of what these harsh weather changes are doing to our skin. I personally find that storage heaters play havoc with my skin and completely dry it out. If storage heaters are the only option in your house fear not though because I have a little trick to help restore the moisture back into the room without the heaters taking the moisture out of your skin. At night place a pint glass of water near the heater and watch how the levels will drop over the next few days. This little trick will help your skin from becoming completely dehydrated. Now lets take a look at which skin care products I have been using to help my skin from becoming dried out.

These three products from Dermalogica are skin care products that I cannot live without!

Dermalogica skin smoothing cream: (RRP: €60)

Pure Irish Sugar - Dermalogica 1

I use this mosituriser at least twice a day, morning and evening but when I don’t wear makeup during the day I always pop a little bit of this on throughout the day. During the cold winter months we need to up our moisturing routine as like I previously said the moisture is leaving our skin more easily because of storage heating. This is a medium-weight moisturiser to balance combination and dry skin. I love it because I find if I use a heavy moisturiser it will clog up my pores.

Dermalogica precleanse: (RRP: €43.40)

Pure Irish Sugar - Dermalogica 4

The precleanser is my beauty savior when I am wearing a lot of makeup. This product is a oil based cleanser and I use it, as the name would say before I cleanse. The idea of this product is to lift your makeup and make it easier to cleanse off. The oil breaks down the makeup, making the process of cleansing after a night out much more simple. Add water to transform this hydrophilic (water-loving) formula into a milky emulsion that lifts makeup from the skin’s surface. You can use this product everyday with or without makeup.

Dermalogica daily microfoliant: (RRP: €52.50)

Pure Irish Sugar - Dermalogica 2

I have saved the best for last and anyone who has used the Dermalogica daily microfoliant will agree with me that it is possibly the best facial exfoliant out there. This exfoliant is gentle enough to use 4-5 times per week on your skin. As our skin becomes dryer in the winter we need to remove those dead skin cells and excess makeup that remains on our skin. This exfoliant is a powder base that you mix with liquid to activate, then apply to your face for it to work it’s magic! I often mix this exfoliant with my cleanser in the mornings when I have excess makeup left on form the day before, it doesn’t happen often but it still does!

These three products really help my skin during the winter and I hope they help you too. They are expensive but totally worth it! You can buy them online or in salons that stock Dermalogica. I get mine in Escape Massage & Beauty who also have Dermalogica facials!  You can find them on Facebook by clicking here.

Which Dermalogica product is your favourite?

Stay Fabulous,

Kate x


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