What’s in my makeup bag!

Let’s take a look at what is currently in my makeup bag! I got my pink makeup bag in Penneys a couple of months ago and it’s a perfect size for fitting all my brushes in.

DSCN3122 (2)


I have mentioned before that my favourite foundation is Armani luminous Silk in shade 4.5. The coverage is so light and it leaves your skin looking flawless like your wearing no makeup at all. What’s this exciting pink brush you ask? I recently got Blank Canvas F20 brush €13.99 and when I say it has changed the way my foundation looks I am not kidding. The bristles on this brush are so soft and make your foundation glide onto your skin.

Now onto contouring. Charlotte Tilbury Face Sculpt & Highlight is flawless. At a hefty price of €65 you would want this to be amazing. You can use the dark powder for contouring but also as your bronzer. The highlighter is a soft gold luminous shimmer. It softly highlights and looks great in photos too. Why I love it is because you can build up the intensity.  I use a MAC blending brush for the highlighter and Blank Canvas F40 €13.95 (not in the photo) for contouring.


For my eyes I have a few of my all time favourites in my makeup bag. I used to work for Benefit and since I was first introduced to They’re Real and Brow Zings I really cannot go without them. I am always trying new products but in a rush I will always grab these two as I know they won’t let me down. I have switched from using a gel pot liner to a liquid pen and I am finding the pen so much quicker and easier to use. The colour is an intense black shade and this Maybelline pen is perfect for creating a flick. If you struggle with liquid liner then this product is a must and I got it in Boots for €8.99.


Technically it’s still winter which means extremely cold weather. My skin is finding this winter particularly cold and my lips have been so dry that I can’t actually leave the house without lip balm. I have been using a mixture of different lip balms as I keep a different one in every handbag but the Nuxe Reve de Miel Lip Balm makes your lips so soft and tastes like honey. Honey is so soothing on your lips and I found this product really good to use at night because you can lather it on and it works it magic while you sleep. Even better that you can get it for €11.50 Cloud10Beauty! My favourite lip gloss of all time has to be Max Factor Colour Elixir Gloss €10.49. I featured the whole collection in a post when they first came out but without a doubt they are the best. They are not sticky which is brilliant if you have long hair like me why flies everywhere in the wind. The gloss is not too shiny and the colour pigment is strong and fades evenly. If I was to use only one lip gloss for the rest of my life it would be this Max Factor Colour Elixir Gloss.

This week I was featured as SHEMAZING! Blogger of the week – very exciting altogether!

You can read the article about me here:



Stay fabulous

Love K x

Kate (2)

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