Freddy Jeans

The search for the perfect ‘fit’ in jeans is long and tedious. Too long, too tight, too baggy, just horrible – these are the phrases I use when trying on jeans. When I was younger I had to get all my jeans taken up as I couldn’t get them to fit me on my waist and my legs. Short girl with a tum kind of problems. Often I am too afraid to try jeans on in a shop as the sheer though of it can put me in a bad mood. I like my jeans tight on my legs, like leggings but not too tight on my waist and of course with a good fit on my bum! We all want to look like Kim K right?

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So I had heard so much talk about Freddy Jeans and was eying them up for months. With a price tag of €120 I was saving for them as a treat to myself. Now I had yet to try them on but I just knew they would be ‘the one’ for me. So what are Freddy’s? The exclusive WR.UP® technology enhances your femininity through a shaping and embracing action on buttocks, thighs and waist, providing a perfect shaping effect on the most delicate points of your legs.

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My mum is such a sweetie. We are basically like twins and think practically the same in terms of beauty and fashion. She was up visiting me and popped down to Mademoiselle Boutique in Blackrock for a look and came home with a pair of Freddy’s! My eyes just lit up with excitement! I hadn’t mentioned that I was going to buy myself a pair and she just knew- a mothers instinct!

They were a perfect fit- what can I say! I got my Freddy’s in a size M. I am a size 12 in bottoms so they were perfect. A tiny bit long for my height but no need for them to be taken up. These jeans are so worth the hefty price tag. They are the comfiest pair of jeans I have worn in my life! They come in loads of colours and styles and they give your bum the lift it needs! Missed doing squats this week in the gym, don’t worry just wear Freddy’s!

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Freddy’s have a really cool instagram page so be sure to check them out!

You can buy Freddy Jeans online on their website here. Their prices range from €79-€130.

Stay Fabulous,

K x

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6 thoughts on “Freddy Jeans

    1. Yes the stiching on the back put me off at first but the way they feel on makes up for it. I have hear great things about Salsa jeans, must go and try them out! Thanks Andreea x

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