The Style Fairy Accessories

If you don’t follow this fashionista then jump to it! Naomi, the creator of The Style Fairy has impeccable style and taste in fashion. Every time Naomi posts up a look I want it. I love the advice and fashion tips she shares too. You really can learn a lot from this lady.

Last year I did a ‘virtual personal shopping’ with Naomi. Basically what this means is you tell Naomi about the occasion/event you want this outfit for and she puts a few looks together for you from shops online. I actually loved it and choose bits and pieces from different looks. I warn you though, you will want to buy everything Naomi picks for you. She tailors the look to suit your budget. I think this ‘virtual’ shopping experience is brilliant for anyone who leads a busy lifestyle but wants to look totally glam in the process!

So recently Naomi has started TSF Accessories which are fabulous statement necklaces. I went on her site to buy one but of course bought more. I couldn’t resist! I sent my mum a picture of the two I was torn between and she couldn’t believe that they were only €25 and insisted I bought both. I blame her for my shopping addiction, sorry mum! I love dressing up an outfit with jewelry and think you can really make the outfit yours.

TSF Accessories is a limited edition, exclusive range of statement necklaces. This is the second collection by Naomi, with the very first TSF Accessories collection selling out last year within it’s first two months. This new collection features 12 unique pieces, all totally different and all hand picked by Naomi herself. So be quick and get out those credit cards ladies it’s time to shop!

In the first two pictures I am wearing ‘The Carrie’ necklace which is €35! What a steal I say. When this necklace arrived I was like a child in a candy store. My eyes lit up as it was just so sparkly!

Clear stones in circular and flower shapes. Carrie like her namesake (Ms Bradshaw) is super stylish! She is quirky and cool, yet classic. Statement, yet not OTT. Everything a great necklace should be. The neutral stones in Carrie means she goes with everything!




The second necklace I bought from TSF Accessories is ‘The Grace’ which is €25. I just love what I picked. They necklaces are not heavy when you wear them so you really can wear them all day. The Grace for me is more of a day time necklace (yes I know it’s super dressy) or one for a sunny day with a super cute dress.

White and clear stones on a gold curb style chain.  Grace is the perfect addition to your summer wardrobe; she is simple and easy to wear. She will freshen, brighten and update any look to make it perfect for summer. She is also the ideal piece to bring on your summer holiers!






So I have styled these two necklaces with casual evening outfits but you could really put them with anything. They dress up my outfits in the photos above no doubt. I absolutely love them. They are so glitzy and just so me! I need to not buy all of The Style Fairy’s collection! If you want to see what other styles Naomi has to offer you can click here to see them.

Be sure to check out Naomi & The Style Fairy on Facebook for all the latest fashion news!


Stay Fabulous,

Lv K x

Kate (2)



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