The award for the best lip gloss goes to…..

The award for the best lip gloss goes to….. NYX Butter Gloss!

I only have 3 of the NYX Butter Gloss shades and I need to get more. After all a girl can never have too many lip glosses right? Not only have these glosses got the coolest and sweetest names but they are super pigmented!


In the photo above I am wearing NYX Butter Gloss shade ‘ÉCLAIR’. It is a soft pink shade and I find the gloss makes my lips look fuller. If you want a Kylie Jenner lip then why not try this shade. Pink shades are always the lip products that I tend to reach for but I also wanted to try their coral shade ‘PEACH COBBLER’. I thought it’s time to be adventurous and I love the pop of colour this shade gives. You can see me wearing this coral shade in the photo below.




Why I love NYX Butter Gloss:

1. They come in so many fabulous shades.

2. The gloss is not sticky. Therefore when you are wearing it outside and a big gust of wind blows your way, your hair will not stick to your gloss!

3. The texture of this gloss is a creamy, buttery feel, hence the name ‘Butter Gloss’.

4. They are non drying on your lips. Even if you suffer with dry lips you can use these glosses.

5. I love how long they last! I would class these glosses as an in-between lipstick and lip gloss.

6. Last but not least they are only €6.49!! A steal if you ask me!

So where can I buy NYX products?

Have you tried these amazing glosses?

Stay Fabulous,

Love K x

Kate (2)

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