Add some Shimmer with No7

With summer (kind of) here it’s time to add in a little warmth and shimmer into our makeup routine. I love a warm blush with pink and coral shades. I never go for anything too bright on my cheeks as I like to enhance my natural glow. Recently I have been wearing No7 Simmer Palette RRP €17.50 from Boots. When I got this I actually couldn’t believe that I didn’t already own a shimmer palette, I was sure I did. This product is brilliant if you are after radiant skin in the sweep of a brush.

So why so many colours? Made up of a selection of flattering shades for any skin tone, this No7 Shimmer Palette is available in two shade, bronze and rose. I picked up the rose palette and I use it as a blusher to add warmth to my skin. I already have so many bronzing products that I decided to mix it up a little.

What I really liked about this product is the multi-use function. The various colours on the palette can be swirled together to create a subtle blush on the apples of your cheeks, which is what I did in the photo below (oh my cheese grin). As you can see the No7 product added a warm glow to my skin.


This No7 Shimmer Palette is a great product for your makeup bag as you can also use the shimmers as eye shadow. I am a sucker for gold eye shadow and the bottom shade is amazing on your eyes! You can even make your eye makeup look a little smoky by adding the second shade in the palette to your eyes. I don’t have this on in these photos but they are really nice on if you like shimmer eye shadows. For older skin I might avoid these shades on the eyes as shimmer can often sit into the creases of your eyes.



Another great use for this product is highlighting. A huge trend this season with makeup. We want to enhance our gorgeous features and add warmth to our skin so what better way. I am using my NIMA Grace brush (review here) and as you can see in the photo I added the shimmer to the top of my cheek bone. The first shade in the No7 Shimmer Palette is my favourite but all are perfect for highlighting too. Maybe avoid the pink shade as we would have mainly used this on our cheeks.

DSCN3794 DSCN3791

You can purchase No7 Shimmer Palette in any Boots store or online at for €17.50.

Stay Fabulous,

Love K x

 Kate (2)

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