Shine bright like a diamond

Add some glitter and sparkles and you have me. I am a girl who goes all out when it comes to glitz and glam and these Wolford leggings are no different. As you saw in a previous post I styled these Wolford Precious Leggings for a casual look. Yes I know I still had bling in my shoes and necklace. What can I say, I’m no plain Jane! Now I wanted to show you how to dress them up for an evening look. Again I went all out with these Wolford leggings and my whole outfit has diamonds!


Too glitzy for you? Maybe you only want one or two things that I am wearing. So here are my outfit details.


Shoes: They are from Dune London and I got them for Christmas. I LOVE them. I don’t think I have ever loved a pair of shoes so much in my life. They are high but incredibly comfy. Dune London shoes never let me down. If you know mw then you know that sometimes I buy shoes because they are pretty. Even if they are uncomfortable I still want them! You buy similar shoes here & here!


Leggings: These were kindly gifted to me by Wolford and I think they are so cool. I know not everyone’s style but they suit my personal style so well. I am a walking glitter ball and I love it. These leggings are super comfy and are opaque so no need to worry about them being see-through. That’s often the problem when you buy cheap leggings. Buy online here! 


Top: This is a Topshop graphic tee that I borrowed from my mum (she might never get it back now). This top says it all. ‘Positive vibes only’ is my attitude in life. Don’t ever let anyone dull your sparkle and in the words of Rhianna ‘Shine bright like a diamond‘. This top works so well with the Wolford Leggings because it is a long fit. Never should any girl ever wear leggings and a short top, a big fashion no no in my eyes!

Jacket: Again ‘borrowed’ from my mum, she’s got good style! This is a Micheal Kors jacket and it’s so funky. The minute I see something similar on the high street I am going to buy it for myself.


Necklace: This piece is very special to me. My brother bought me the Katie Mullally Pendant and then I put it on a chain that my granny gave me. I am a sucker for anything sentimental and I know she would have loved to see me wearing it, she was a true style icon herself. Even in her later years she still wouldn’t leave the house without her Sunday best!


Lipstick: As I was wearing all black I decided to add a pop of colour to my look with this ISADORA Twist-Up Matt Lips. This bright pink lip stick works perfect and lasts on your lips. I really like the texture of this lip product and I love how long lasting it is. What’s even better about this lip crayon is it’s twistable! Sheer brilliance! I love them so much I have them in three colours so be prepared for a full blog post about them soon.

Stay Fabulous,

Lv K x

Kate (2)

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