Pop of Colour with Isa Dora

I think on a day like today we can safely say that SUMMER is here! Time to embrace the sunshine with some bright colours. What better way to do this than by adding a pop of colour to your makeup! Today I have tried out two colours from IsaDora. I couldn’t decide which I preferred so you are going to have to help me.


One of my favourite beauty products has to be lip gloss and lip sticks. They can completely change your look and I love wearing strong lip colours when I am not wearing a lot of eye makeup. If the weather keeps up like this it will be sunglasses and lipsticks all the way!

So why am I loving IsaDora Twist-Up MATT Lips?  The first reason has to be because you get   velvety matt lips with a satin soft feel, I mean who doesn’t want that feeling? The IsaDora lip product texture is creamy yet lightweight. But the main reason why you will LOVE this IsaDora product is because it is a handy, retractable twist-up pen – no sharpener needed! This is a pet hate of mine when you don’t have your sharpener with you. I suffer from dry lips and while using this IsaDora product I found it did not dry out my lips- success!

So which colour do you prefer on me?

I am wearing 56 CANDY STORE and 62 RAVING RED in the photos.


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Stay Fabulous,

Lv K x


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