Travel Essentials- What’s in my bag

This weekend I am jetting over to London to visit some of my friends. I am a terrible packer and find hand luggage bags stressful but this time I planned ahead and have stuck to a small bag under 10kg! Pretty sure I deserve a medal now, ha! Even if I am staying the night in a friends house I bring everything because who knows when you will need those extra 10 makeup brushes, or what do you mean you don’t have a day cream and a night cream?!

I remember 2 years ago when my friend Aimee and I set off on our around the world trip and she could not get over the amount of toiletries I had with me. I have the photo but I am way too embarrassed to show you all. Basically I had so many mini toiletries with me that security told me I would have to get rid of them (we hadn’t even left Ireland at this stage). Aimee said I nearly cried when he told me this and since then I have kept my packing to a bare minimum.


The trick to travelling light is planning ahead, or at least plan your outfits. If you know what the weather is like and what sort of things you will be doing while away it makes it so much easier and then you can just mix and match and see which shoes work best etc.

So what’s in my Selfie Preparation Kit:


As a beauty blogger I have a lot of makeup, a girl can never have too much right? I love it all and that’s the problem. Sometimes my makeup bag can be bigger than my handbag (this is no lie) so when travelling hand luggage and only for a weekend I need to be selective. Of course all my favourites have to come along but I will be cutting down in terms of eye shadow and only bringing one blusher and bronzer. Another problem you may encounter while travelling is that your liquids must be under 100ml, thankfully most beauty essentials are so no need to break out into a sweat.

I applied my Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter 1 HOUR TAN MOUSSE last night so that I wouldn’t have to think about my tan for the whole weekend. This tan lasts 5-7 days so I will be glowing right until next week!

I got this super cute makeup bag from Rock On Ruby, the girls are so cool and funky so be sure to follow them on instagram! They make really cool slogan tee’s but I just love my new makeup bag, plus it’s huge too!

I cannot live without some of the beauty products in the photo above. Benefit Roller Lash being one of them! If I could only wear 3 beauty products it would have to be mascara, brows and foundation!

This next beauty product is an ultimate must have no matter where you are travelling too and it’s 50ml! Clarins UV Plus Anti-Pollution Day Screen SPF 50. SPF is so important not only to protect your skin from harmful rays but also for when your skin starts to age. The texture of this Clarins product is really light weight and you can apply your foundation or moisturiser straight away. I hate using heavy SPF on my face and I have to say I cannot speak more highly of this Clarins product.

Let’s take a look at my shoes and outfit choices:

So I looked up the weather and it’s looking like London will have sunshine for the weekend! WOO! Time to put on my Cocoa Brown Tan and flaunt my legs. Comfy dresses with a short sleeve are perfect because even if you get a little chilly or go inside you won’t look silly. As I arrive late Friday evening so I only need one dressy outfit for Saturday night. I am going to keep shoes to a minimum and only pack one pair of heels, no point in adding extra weight to my luggage. As always I will be wearing my Freddy Jeans over on the plane. They are so comfy and will be perfect if the weather takes a turn for the worse.

So here are a few snaps of my outfits but I will be posting full photos on my instgram throughout the weekend if you want to see what I am wear and the details. Let’s just say I will be wearing a lot of clothes from! 

IMG_20150618_221805 IMG_20150618_222510

Walking around London means comfort and what better way than in these killer leopard print beauties I got on OPSH! (You can buy the shoes I am wearing in the photo below here.) I adore shoes, they are my thing. So much so I will admit to buying shoes because I think they look pretty! Who knows maybe I will pick up some new shoes while in London, my bag did only weigh 6kg!


Be sure to follow my instagram page to see everything I get up to in London.


Stay Fabulous,

Lv K x

Kate (2)

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