Bioderma launches in Ireland

When I heard the news that French brand Bioderma was launching in Ireland I was so excited. I have been a huge fan of the brand for years, you will all love it. The main reason I know Bioderma is from their ‘Sensibio H2O Micellar Solution’. They created the world’s first micellar solution and it really has to be the best. So there are four different categories that Bioderma divide into for different skin types.


Sensibio – formulated for all sensitive, prone to rosacea and reactive skin types. bioderma-atoderm Atoderm – for very dry to atopic sensitive skin. bioderma-sebium Sebium – for oily blemished skin. bioderma-photoderm-urunleri Photoderm – tailored sun protection for each skin type. DSCN4156 I have actually used a number of the products across the different ranges and find mixing and matching them really good. I have combination skin so I use some products on my t-zone and others on my cheeks. With skin care it is all about playing around with products and finding what works best for you. From the Sensibio range my two favourite products have to be ‘Sensibio H2O’ and ‘Sensibio AR BB Cream’. Normally I am not a BB cream type of girl but this product is great for those days where I don’t actually want to look like I have any makeup on yet I know I can’t leave my house looking the way I look. It takes the redness out of my cheeks and that would be my main concern for wearing foundation. Wearing this product you really look like you don’t have any foundation on at all. The ‘Sensibio H2O’ is the best cleansing water I have come across. This was the only product I had actually tried from Bioderma before they launched in Ireland. It basically cleanses and removes your makeup but why I love it so much is the fact that it does not sting my eyes. My eyes are incredibly sensitive. I use a milky textured cleanser and this micellar water to remove all my makeup everyday. I will admit that the Garnier (read here) micellar water did give this product a run for it’s money but Bioderma has my vote. DSCN4152 I was sent the ‘Sebium Pore Refiner’ and this product got me so excited. The one issue I have with my skin are the open pores I have on my nose and my cheeks. I know I am very lucky that I don’t suffer from breakouts but these open pores really annoy m when my makeup sinks into then or else when I don’t wear any makeup. I have only been using this product for a week now but my pores are starting to get smaller. My makeup this week has yet to sink into my pores so I am pretty happy so far. I am going to use this product everyday for a month and report back with how I get on. Long-awaited leading French dermocosmetic brand Bioderma available in pharmacies nationwide from June. Here is a list of where you can pick up Bioderma in Ireland. I love that my local Lloyds Pharmacy stocks Bioderma. IMG_7923IMG_7924

Stay Fabulous,

K x

Kate (2)

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