BAY Restaurant Clontarf

A recent brunch outing lead us to Clontarf, Co.Dublin where we stumbled upon Bay Restaurant. I had never been before but I had heard of Bay Restaurant so when I spotted it I knew we had to go in.

First glance at the menu and I knew straight away that this was my sort of place. At the moment I am on a health buzz and try to eat as healthy and clean where possible. Bay has an unique menu which lists a nutritional guide for every dish, impressive! It’s not everywhere that you get this attention to detail in a menu. Health conscious foodies, this is the place for you. Their menu even had calories which I am fascinated by. I think it can be so interesting to compare different dishes and the calorie count. My personal opinion would be that I would like to see more nutritional values of food on menus, I know many will disagree with me on this.


As we waited for our food I was actually envious of every dish that came from the kitchen. I cannot wait to go back and try some of their fish dishes, I spotted some being served and instantly became jealous. The food looked so fresh and I knew we were going to be happy with our choice. Bay Restaurant is open everyday so I think we might need to make another trip out here very soon.


Darragh adores French Toast and Pancakes so that is what he ordered. From the photo below how delicious do theancakes look? He couldn’t decided between berries or bacon so why not get both, plus some maple syrup.


I was starving when we arrived so breakfast just wasn’t going to cut it for me today. Instead I ordered from their lunch menu and had one of the nicest salads ever! I am very quick to voice my opinion on salads as a few pieces of lettuce does not count. I ordered the marinated chicken fillet and mango salad and got a side of avocado too. This salad was served with quinoa and a variety of seeds. It was exactly what I wanted and tasted so good.



Thinking about planning a meal at Bay Restaurant? Their unique interactive online menu allows you to click on a dish to show you the nutritional information. This is so handy when planning a meal out with anyone with special requirements.

Is it too early to plan my next trip back to Bay Restaurant in Clontarf?

Stay Fabulous,

Lv, K


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