How I keep my hair looking good


How do you keep your hair looking so good’ – This is a huge topic when I meet people. I have been blessed with good hair genes which always is a plus. I will admit that often I barely do anything to my hair and it just seems to sit perfect (yes I am one of those people we all hate!). In saying that I do need the help of several hair care products to keep it looking at it’s best and I am going to let you in on my hair secrets.


Looking after my hair is just as important as looking after my skin. I think it is worth spending money on a few key products which will make your hair look and feel better. In saying that you can buy some key hair products in pharmacies and all don’t have to be salon products. When my hair looks nice I feel good and it brings confidence too. I am very lucky that I have never coloured my hair so I don’t have to pay attention to any specific colouring hair products. I also rarely apply heat to my hair which is why I think it is in such good condition.


Shampoo: One of my favourite hair care brands has to be Kerastase. I have used their products since I was in my teens and I remember my hair dresser at home in Cavan had them and they always remind me of her salon, Talking Heads. As I have such thick hair I use a specific shampoo every second wash. The reason is because I have dry scalp and certain shampoos irritate it and cause flakiness which is a nightmare! There are certain brands of shampoo that just don’t agree with my hair but there are plenty that do so no loss. The Kerastase ‘Specifique Bain Exfoliant Hydrant’ is an exfoliating shampoo that exfoliates your scalp and lifts any excess shampoo that may build up. You can buy this product on 


Conditioner: This has to be Aussie all the way. I adore their products. Their leave in conditioner ‘Miracle Recharge Moisture Infuser’ is every girls best friend. Sometimes I use both conditioner and their leave in conditioner for extra soft hair. This product will not leave your hair greasy and if you have curly hair you need it. When I feel like really treating my hair I use the Kerastase Masque Therapiste which is a fibre quality renewal masque perfect for thicker hair types. This product is expensive but so worth it. It’s not for everyday use but for when your hair needs a pampering. After all, we all need one of those!

wpid-wp-1438106818565.jpegDry Shampoo: After shampoo and conditioner this is probably the most important hair product to me. As you can see in my photos I have incredibly thick hair. I told you above about shampooing too much and what that does to my scalp. As I am in the gym or practicing yoga most days I cannot actually wash my hair everyday or my scalp would be in pieces. Instead I use dry shampoo after my body shower. Not only does dry shampoo take any excess grease out of your hair but it freshens up your hair. Batiste is my favourite for this. I use Herbal Essences Clearly Naked Dry Shampoo and Aussie Miracle Dry Shampoo for adding volume and smelling great. As hairspray makes your hair feel sticky these products are amazing for adding volume to your hair too. I have talked before about some of my favourite dry shampoo brands in a blog post here.


Hair Oils: These bad boys are what keeps the frizz at bay. If you are not using a hair oil you need one in your life. My mum recently asked me for some hair advice and I gave her one of my hair oils and within a week she noticed a difference. I even noticed a difference when I saw her. Her hair looked so healthy and there was absolutely no frizz at all. I just use hair oils in the ends of my hair. I know you can use them all over but I would find it too greasy for my hair. Right now I am loving Matrix Oil Wonders in ‘Indian Amla’ and have been using this product for a few months now. I wrote a full review about it here. If you have any recommendations please tweet me @k8_kell.


The Tools: We all use different tools to look after our hair. I love a good hairbrush. I have several brushes from  the brand Denman. I recently got their Tangle Tamer brush and it really does tame your hair. Nothing worse than having a big knot in your hair that you cannot get out. I don’t use a straighter, but I love my BaByliss Curling Wand Pro. I bough it in Boots years ago and it still works perfectly. The curls can be quite tight using so if you have finer hair I would recommend a larger wand like this BaByliss curler.


The Cut: I have a fear of getting my hair cut. Yes I just admitted it but it’s true. Where did my fear come from you ask, a bad hair cut is why! I foolishly when to a random hairdresser a few years ago and since then I have vowed never to do that again. I have two hairdressers that I will go to for getting my hair cut, one in Cavan and one in Dublin. I have been going to Talking Heads in Cavan since my first hair cut I think. Ann, the owner, is amazing at cutting and knows exactly how my hair will sit when it is dry. She is also a creative genius when it comes to up-do’s! So much so that at this stage when I need an up-do I don’t even need to show her a picture she just knows what will work. My second hairdresser is in Dublin where I now live. I go to Brown Sugar in Blackrock and Roy Leigh is another hair genius. I feel like he just reads my mind and cuts. The last time I was in with him I needed a good amount of hair taken off as split ends were taking over. What I felt was a bob in my opinion was just a trim but I loved my new style. My hair felt so light and my hair looked in brilliant condition. That weekend I went to London and I got so many compliments over this photo that I put on my instagram page. All credits go to Roy for this hair creation that stayed perfect for the whole weekend!


Stay Fabulous,

Lv K x


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