Street Style – Freddy Jeans

What has been my best purchase so far in 2015 you ask? It has to be these Freddy Jeans. I am incredibly difficult to please when it comes to jeans and trousers. I live in leggings and if the weather was on my side I would wear a dress everyday. With the weather we have had this summer in Ireland my Freddy Jeans have come to my rescue on more than one occasion. I have a pair in grey and the blue denim in the photos below. Their size guide for me is spot on and if you have slightly chunky thighs like myself then Freddy Jeans will suit you. Often when I try jeans on I can’t get them past my thighs and it’s so upsetting, especially if you loose weight as going up a size on normal jeans means they just wont fit right. I wear a medium size in the Freddy Jeans and that is a size UK10. I am usually a UK12 but these jeans are a low cut so sit really well. My next purchase is going to be their black Freddy’s but I am not ready to let go of the hope of a real summer so my AW wardrobe can stay put.




I got this cute red and white light cardigan in Mango when I was in London a few weeks ago and it is so comfy. The tassels at the bottom are what caught my eye first. When I saw it in the shop I had to have it, a quote from a true shopaholic. I got this white cami top in Topshop and they have them in every colour under the sun. The top is long enough too so you can wear leggings on a night out and not look ridiculous either. Here’s to hoping the weather picks up and we get a proper summer here in Ireland.

Who else is loving their Freddy Jeans? Would love to hear! You can buy Freddy Jeans online here or I get mine in Mademoiselle in Blackrock Co.Dublin.

Stay Fabulous,

Lv K x


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