Holiday Style Lookbook

This year Ireland just did not see the weather that I was hoping for. My summer wardrobe barely got a look in meaning I only got to wear some of my key pieces once or twice. I would love to live in a climate where you wouldn’t have to worry about always bringing a coat with you. But alas that is Ireland for you. When I was booking my summer holiday I wanted to go somewhere nice and hot so that I knew I could wear whatever I wanted without having to worry about the rain. Let’s now talk about what I wore on my holiday’s with my favourite pieces from my holiday style lookbook.


This floral dress is so sweet and cute. My personal style is incredibly girly and I think this dress matches it completely. I got it online from Jacqueline’s Tresors who is new up and coming Irish business woman. She has super cute outfit’s to choose from and I also have a discount code for you girl to use and it’s ‘KATEK15’ Shop online:



I normally am not the biggest shopper on Missguided as the sizes can be a little bit funny but I got this dress with my holiday’s in mind and loved it. The colouring with my red hair was perfect. While in France we went to Monaco for the day so of course I had to dress uber chic. I themed it with an ASOS hat that I wore for the whole holiday and you can buy it online here. These Dune London Shoes were also featured in most of my holiday snaps and they are available online here.



I am a girl who lives, breaths and adores Anything I have bought has been perfect and I just love their sizing, it’s so accurate for my body shape. This blue baroque playsuit was worn to death on my holiday and it makes me so sad to think I might not get to wear it again till next summer. Even my friend Gillian is wearing in this photo! Trying to figure out how I missed her playsuit while shopping on is a mystery to me as I love it!

I suppose I might just have to take a look at what have to offer for AW15, would be rude not to!


I had to include these shoes. They are just so amazing and super comfy. As I have said in previous posts, Dune London shoes are my go to for the most comfortable shoes. One of my friends recently sent me a meme where it said ”So many shoes and only two feet”, how appropriate for me!


I wrote about this Flamingo dress on my blog previously and you can read all about it here. I have only bought from once but I am loving their stuff. Could it be my new favourite online shopping destination?

If you want to see more of what I wore on my holiday’s and my day to day fashion make sure to follow me on snapchat (katekelly1) and on instagram (katekellyk)


Stay Fabulous,

Lv K x


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