Floral Sweet Scents from Roger & Gallet

My love for French Cosmetic brands has always been incredibly strong. I remember the very first time I tried Roger & Gallet perfume and I fell in love straight away. When I saw the packaging I thought ‘wow these products look so glamorous and expensive’ but to my surprise these products are incredibly reasonable. I only own about 4 or 5 perfumes. I buy the same over again once one is finished and have been doing so for the last few years. My usual scent from Roger & Gallet is ‘Fleur de Figuier’ which is a combination of figs and floral scents. It was the first Roger & Gallet product I tried and I have been hooked since.

wpid-img_20150708_220747.jpg wpid-img_20150708_220743.jpg

What I love about Roger & Gallet is that their bottles of perfume are perfect for your handbag. I like to wear perfume everyday and often rushing out the door I can forget so they are perfect to always have in your bag.



Let’s have a look at some of my favourites. Normally I am not a girl who likes anything that is scented with orange but this shower gel is fabulous. I wanted to put it’s scent to the test. I showered that morning using this Roger & Gallet Douche de Bienfait Shower Gel, then wore no perfume. That evening, I met one of my friends who commented on my perfume saying she loved the tangerine fruity scent. I was so pleased that it worked. Often some scented shower gels really don’t smell that strong so this one gets a thumbs up from me. It feels so luxurious on your skin and feels like a real treat. When this bottle runs out and I want be adventurous and try more scents from Roger & Gallet range.


Roses are my favourite flower and the Roger & Gallet ‘Rose’ Perfume and hand lotion are my dream smell. My love of flowers stemmed (pun intended) from my Grandmother who was an avid gardener. Her house always had the best flower arrangements and her garden was immaculate, not even a leaf out of place. I find flower arranging very therapeutic and this must be from her. The Roger & Gallet perfume lasts hours on my skin. It is fresh and sweet which is my day time scent. Perfume is so interesting because it reacts different with every skin type. Two people at the same time could spray the same perfume and both will smell it differently.

Want to know where to buy Roger & Gallet? Click here for stockist information.

Stay Fabulous,

Lv K x


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