Flying High with Benefit Cosmetics Air Patrol

You can always trust Benefit Cosmetics to bring out the coolest products. Not only is the quality of Benefit Cosmetics products amazing but how they name their products and package them is what attracts me most. One of my first makeup experiences was with Benefit. I remember shopping with my mum in Brown Thomas in Dublin and seeing the Benefit stand, I think I was 12 and begged my mum for something. We went with BADgal Lash (their amazing mascara) and I used it all through my teens until They’re Real Mascara came out (game changer). My mascara needs are now complete and I just love They’re Real.  When I was asked if I wanted to try Air Patrol, Benefit’s BB cream and eyelid primer I couldn’t say no.


Believe it or not I actually don’t use a primer for my eyelids. I have tried other eyelid primers in the past and felt that they didn’t make much of a difference so I decided it wasn’t a product for me. I have been using the Benefit Cosmetics Air Patrol for the past week and I am so impressed. Not only did my eye shadow stay in place every time I used Air Patrol but it soothed my eyes. The applicator is so gentle on your eyes and the texture of the product itself is light and creamy which blends into your skin. You won’t even know that you are wearing this product.


Why I love using Benefit Cosmetics Air Patrol BB Cream & Eyelid Primer:

  • Soothing on the eyes: My eyes lately have been so dry with the weather and Air Patrol has really aided with soothing my eyes. I am only using this product a week and I noticed a difference. Normally I give products 2 weeks of everyday use before I even notice a difference.
  • SPF 20: The skin on our eyelids are thinner than anywhere else which means this area is more vulnerable to UV and damage caused by our environment, namely pollution.
  • Colour corrector: The skin around my eyes can often look red when I am tired. I have used this product on my lids days where I have not actually put on any makeup just to cover up the redness. I hate going into work looking tired and a little dab of Air Patrol has made a huge difference in controlling the redness.
  • Eyelid Primer: As an eyelid primer this product gets 10/10 form me. My eye shadow did not crease one bit and the colour of the pigment stayed strong the whole night. As I said before I am not really into eyelid primers as I felt they didn’t work but this Benefit eyelid primer worked for me. Very impressed.


Benefit Cosmetics Air Patrol is €29.50 and is available from all Benefit counters and online from and Cara Pharmacy. Let me know what you think of this product when you try it out – tweet me @k8_kell.

Stay Fabulous,

Love Kate x


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