Chanel you stole my heart

If you love shopping then the Chanel Boutique in Paris is one not to be missed. I did not buy anything on this visit but Chanel did steal my heart. This is the original Chanel Store on Rue Cambon. This fashion brand is like no other. It’s founder changed the way women dressed and touched their lives, even if they couldn’t afford her precious goods. I think there’s no arguing that even if you’re not the type to run around in a tweed jacket, you’ll most likely still be influenced by Chanel, whether it’s the quilted bags, timeless designer fragrances, strands of pearl necklaces or just a simple little back dress. Coco Chanel famously liberated women from tight corsets and overly ornate garments, saying that “simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance”. 




While Coco herself lived in an apartment in the Ritz, just opposite the Chanel building, the 31 Rue Cambon location she bought in 1910 housed everything else related to the Chanel business: the boutique on the ground floor, haute couture on the first, an apartment on the second (which she used for social and entertainment purposes), the atelier on the third, where Karl Lagerfeld now does most of his Chanel work and lastly a rooftop garden at the very top, with supposedly one of the best views of Paris.

So in true Chanel Style I decided to dress the part for my visit to this Boutique. Yes I planned my outfit accordingly, I was visiting Chanel after all!  I picked up this Chanel Style Tweed Top in Coco Boutique in Dublin. It is one of my favourite boutiques to shop in. They have really unique pieces that you won’t get on the high street. Their dress collection is phenomenal. I am waiting for an occasion to buy one of their dresses, if not I may just buy one anyway.  As per usual the ASOS boots make an appearance. I think I am going to rename these boots the ‘Kate Boot’, has a ring to it! I themed this tweet top with a lace black pencil skirt that I picked up in a random shop. I rarely wear fitted skirts but the ruffled layers on this lace skirt were really flattering. I don’t own many pieces of tweed but once you own one statement piece you can just play around with how you style it.





For any fashionistas out there I would recommend visiting this Chanel Boutique purely because of it’s fashion history. Even though we only went in to look around the Boutique, all of the staff were so polite and didn’t look at us strangely for just looking. I did fall in love with a pair of shoes, of course but c’est la vie!

Stay Fabulous,

Love Kate x


One thought on “Chanel you stole my heart

  1. Great pictures! The first thing I did when I touched down in Paris last September was make a beeline for the Chanel store on Rue Cambon! It was gorgeous! My dream is to buy a Chanel bag one day, sooner rather than later!! xo

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