Fashion Brands I Love Wearing

Fashion is how you tell your story without any words. We each have our own personal style and I am constantly inspired by others and I want to share my inspiration too. In 2015 I made my blog into a beauty and fashion blog, as both are huge passions of mine. I have been lucky enough to work with some amazing fashion brands in 2015 but also to discover some hidden gems. Let’s take a look at some of my favourite fashion brands that I discovered this year.

Custom Vintage Dublin:


Looking for a cute bobble hat, look no further! I started following CVD on Instagram back in 2013 when all I wanted was a customized pair of Levi shorts. Fast forward a few years and CVD has now grown to become an international success. I am lucky to have become friends with the creator of CVD and I admire her hard work and drive. Looking forward to seeing what 2016 brings for CVD!

My Shining Armour:



Like being a shoe addict, I am also addicted to wearing statement necklaces. For me they add personality to my outfit and finish off any look. I discovered My Shining Armour this year on Instagram and then met the fabulous owner and creator Nikki at an event this year. She really is such a sweetheart and her pieces are very unique. She even helped my boyfriend pick a necklace for me as my Christmas Present.

Freddy Jeans:

Pure Irish Sugar Blog 1photo (3)

Possibly the best discovery for me in 2015 has been Freddy Jeans. I own 3 pairs and without a doubt they are the best fit jeans for my body. I am 5’4 with short legs so finding jeans can often be a challenge. If you like tight, fitted jeans that will give your bum a good shape then you will love Freddy Jeans.

Glitz n’ Pieces:


These girls are ultimate #GirlBosses and they are only in their 20’s! An Irish Accessories site that has the cutest pieces. I have met the girls behind this brand and they are actually the sweetest girls you will meet. They are so determined and hard working which I admire hugely in a person. These girls are the ones to watch in 2016.




I know this is not a new fashion find for me as I live in clothes but this year their collections became even better than before, yet staying incredibly affordable. Above are some of my favourite pieces that I wore this year from

Public Desire:



As you all know by now I adore shoes. I came across Public Desire on Instagram and my love of shoes continued to grow. My favourite pair of heels of 2015 have to be these red fringe heels. I mean, how cool are they?! You can also get them in different colours if red isn’t your thing. I do a lot of browsing on Instagram for fashion so if you are looking for something different start there.




I adore Lucy Mecklenburgh and when I saw that she had collaborated with PLT I decided I needed to try and look like her! I have bought numerous dresses from PLT at such affordable prices. A new brand for me for 2015 that I will continue to shop on in 2016. I have worn these two dresses to death by now but I actually adore them both. I also got my Christmas Day outfit that was this black shirt dress with embroidery.




These sparkly boots have been more than once across my social media and blog and for a very good reason, they are amazing! I won best shoes twice at an event for wearing these and a few of my friends have even called them the ‘Kate Kelly Shoe’. Considering buying a replacement pair as I love them that much.



2015 was definitely my year for online shopping and was used on more than one occasion. Every time I get a newsletter from them I am drawn in. I have to say OPSH have made a mark for themselves in terms of shopping and I love their site. It makes being a shop-a-holic easy!




Have you ever bought a dress as a ‘Goal’. Well that’s why I bought this white dress. I have never really been able to fit into a body-con dress, I actually don’t think they suit my style but after seeing this dress I wanted to have it so bad. is an American website that has a mixture of really affordable outfits. Lots of my favourite bloggers like JustJordan and Martina’s Mark always shop there so I said I would try it out.

Hope you enjoyed my fashion finds of 2015!

Stay Fabulous,

Love Kate x

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