2016 is the year of ‘The Brow’ and Benefit Cosmetics have launched their #BOLDISBEAUTIFUL campaign that will transform brows for bolder futures. Benefit’s global philanthropy program empowers women and girls to have big dreams and bold moves.

‘Our vision is to affect change in the world by creating a long-lasting, positive change in the lives of women and girls around the world.’ – Benefit Cosmetics

Benefit launched the #BOLDISBEAUTIFUL campaign in 2015 in the US, UK, France and Australia and raised over $2.9 million by waxing 170,000 brows. This year Benefit are going bigger and bolder by expanding the reach of the Bold is Beautiful Project to Spain, Singapore, Canada, Ireland and United Arab Emirates. The aim for 2016 is to raise $4 million and more!



During the week I was kindly invited to the Irish launch of this campaign. It was my first Benefit event as a blogger and I was really looking forward to meeting Maggie Ford Danielson, one of the daughters of the creators of Benefit Cosmetics. I am a former ‘Benebabe’ having worked on one of their beauty counters in Dublin a few years ago. I have always loved Benefit Cosmetics and truly love their products, my favourites being Porefessional and Browzings!


Each country involved in #BOLDISBEAUTIFUL has their own specific charities in that country, as the aim of the campaign is to give back to women locally and empower women in their community. Another reason why I love this campaign. The Irish charities involved are Daisy House who support women out of homelessness and Look Good Feel Better who support women with cancer. When both charities spoke about their organisations I was completely moved.

The Look Good Feel Better is a charity that supports women with cancer around Ireland. I got speaking to Emily from the charity about the work she does for these women. These ladies go around to different hospitals in Ireland holding workshops with women who have had cancer to help them and teach them about beauty products and how to apply makeup etc. They want to help these women feel amazing in their own skin. This really hit a spot in my heart as I did this with my own mum last year. My mum didn’t have cancer but her illness meant that she couldn’t even open her mascara at times. I saw how hard it was for her and I would have done anything to help her and make her feel better. Imagine as a women not being able to do the simplest of things for yourself. The feeling of not being independent, of having to ask someone to fill the kettle so you can have some tea or even carry your own plate to the table so you can eat. The feeling is horrific and I understand how hard this can be for a woman of any age. As women we feel like we are ‘super women’ at times but when an illness like cancer takes hold of your body this ‘super woman’ power gets taken away from us.  The #BOLDISBEAUTIFUL campaign is about empowering women to get that ‘super woman’ feeling back in their life. I feel so honored to be part of this campaign and to help spread the message.

How you can help!

Come in for a Brow Wax in May 2016 and 100% of Benefit’s profits of the Brow Wax will go to the two chosen charities. ALSO you will get a full sized GIMME BROW (worth €25.50) for FREE with any Benefit Brow Wax in May 2016 while stocks last, so get in there quick!

You can also donate in store when purchasing any Benefit products or online at:





I hope you will all join me in raising as much as possible come May 2016! I plan on organising a ‘BeneBrow’ event in May so let me know if you would like to join in the fun @k8_kell.


To make your May 2016 waxing appointment for the #BOLDISBEAUTIFUL campaign, visit your local Benefit Brow Bar, or call the Benefit Boutique on South William Street, Dublin on (01) 447 5285. 

Stay Fabulous,

Love Kate x

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