Dresses are for Twirling!

Playing dress up has always been something I love to do. I am the ultimate girly and if I had my way would live in a dress. When I was younger my mum said I always picked out dresses to wear and if I didn’t get my way would sulk in a corner. I’m glad to say that a few things have changed since then, sulking being one of them. My love for dresses has stayed the same and I love the feeling of wearing a new dress.



As soon as I put this ASOS dress on, the inner princess came out in me and could not stop twirling, if only I had a crown (I joke). If you follow my blog on a regular basis then you will know that I adore anything sparkly and last Autumn I bought black sparkly boots from ASOS that I lived in. With the weather changing and hopefully getting better I decided to treat myself to these sparkly beauties from ASOS. They are a flat shoe version of my boots with even more sparkles. Yes I said it, more sparkles! Shop my shoes here.


This grey dress is not my usual style but I wanted to get something a little bit different and a little bit longer for during the day. As I live in Ireland you must always dress for the cold, so wearing short dresses with no tights is just not an option. I think you could style this dress in many ways, even wearing trainers with it for a more casual look. Be warned this dress is super twirly so be prepared to dance. You can shop this dress here.


My very generous brother got me a LULU GUINNESS lip clutch for Christmas. This is something I have lusted after for years. We all have material items that we dream of owning and this handbag was one on my list. I am still in shock that he knew that this is something I would truly love, I even got matching lipstick! Kudos to him!


Shop my look:

Dress – ASOS €39.44

Shoes – ASOS €56.34



Stay Fabulous,

Love Kate x

*This outfit was not sponsored by ASOS I just really love their clothes. All items bought by myself except the handbag.

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