Catch up with Kate

February has been a busy month but an exciting one too. As most of you know I work for Cocoa Brown Tan and we were recently in LA for the Oscars. This was a complete pinch me moment and an unforgettable experience for me. Some say I am ‘lucky’ but being ‘lucky’ doesn’t get you very far in life. It’s the hustle and passion in your blood that gets you to the places where you want to be and the moments you want to experience. It also helps when you work for an amazing company but also an inspiring boss like Marissa Carter. She really is the definition of ‘Girl Boss’, move over Sophie Amoruso, there is a new girl boss in town. I believe that if you want things to happen you have to make them happen and that is exactly how we work in Cocoa Brown as a team. We also had a Tanning Masterclass with Kardashian GLAMSQUAD MUA Joyce Bonelli in London straight after LA and she was announced as the new Cocoa Brown Brand Ambassador. Joyce shared some of her top tanning tips as well as some Kardashian makeup secrets. We have had so many exciting things happen lately so I cannot wait for more exciting times ahead.








Last Friday when I arrived home from London I had the Adele concert. Adele is one of my favourite artists and I have been a huge fan for years. Her album ’21’ reminds me of my college days where one of my friends played her album on repeat for a least a week straight if not longer. Adele’s concert was one of the best I have been to and her voice is incredible. If you have tickets to one of her gigs you will not be disappointed, trust me! Adele, Katy Perry and Lana Del Ray are my top three artists that I would like to meet and would die if I ever met them. Their talent is incredible. I have a few more concerts lined up for this year and hopefully Electric Picnic again in September.




I recently stared reading The Power Of Now. My good friend, Stephanie kindly let me borrow her book and I haven’t put it down. We all go though different stages of our mind and our ‘being’ from time to time. I myself have gone through the highs but also the lulls of it. Sometimes we let our mind take over our being and it can often become too much for us. ‘The mind is a superb instrument if used rightly. Used wrongly, however, it becomes very destructive.’ We can often let our mind use us and we believe that we are our mind. The mind is an instrument that can take over our being if we let it. I do realise that this may come across as rather ‘deep’ to some but I am very passionate about living in the moment and in the now. There was a time in my life where I constantly lived in fear of he future and what it would bring. Fear of death, fear of loss. At one stage in my life I let this way of thinking take over my life. I was anxious, I didn’t want go out or do anything with my friends. Right now in my life I am in such a good place and this has become more so with mindfulness. You really do have to live life to the fullest and enjoy the now of life.


Stay Fabulous,

Love Kate x

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