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I’m here to share my story about why I am more than just a girl. I’m part of the campaign to share our stories of girl power and how we are all more than just a girl


By day I am a girly girl who lives in dresses and loves pink, after all I do work for Cocoa Brown Tan so how could I not love pink. So why am I more than just a girl? My secret hobby is that I play tag rugby and I’m not afraid to play in the mud. When you first meet me, I’m the last girl you’d expect to play rugby or any sport actually.


When I’m not on instagram, I spend my time online on snapchat or shopping on I am forever browsing the shops online.

Something you wouldn’t know about me is that I can’t go into a supermarket without going up and down every aisle, it drives my boyfriend crazy but it is what makes me, well me!


I started playing rugby last year as a new challenge to set myself. I am a firm believer that we are always learning and need to push ourselves from time to time. “In the end we only regret the chances we didn’t take”. An interesting fact about me playing tag rugby is that a few months ago I nearly broke my nose. I collided head on with another player and heard a loud crack and fell to the ground. Blood streamed from my nose (sorry gross!). I just remember saying to one of the guys on my team “is my nose in place?!”. After the blood stopped I was good to go. My mascara may have ran from the pain but that didn’t stop me and I was back playing the week after.


Describing myself in 3 emojis is tough! Going from my most used, the little monkey covering his eyes is my favourite. I have a cheeky but sweet personality and you can be both with that emoji. The love heart because I’m a very love-able person. The laughing/crying face because what is life without laughter. When I get into a fit of giggles I find it so hard to get out of them.

The scariest but most exciting thing I have done in my life was climbing Machu Pichu 3 years ago. I was terrified before embarking on this trip as I don’t like camping and didn’t think I would be fit enough for the climb but I did it. I did struggle I won’t lie but it has been the most rewarding thing I have ever done and I feel so proud of myself for achieving my goal and being more than just a girl! 

My style has evolved over the past few years. I think we all look back at photos and ask why did my friends let me go out wearing that! Right now I am all about the cosy knits and embellished shoes. In Ireland you have to dress for the cold weather so a comfy knit won’t go a miss. I would dream for the summer but it probably won’t happen.

“Your personal style is the way to say who you are without having to speak”.

I like to share my fashion finds on my Instagram page @katekellyk and here on my blog. Instagram is where I find most of my inspiration for my style.

Shop my boohoo look:


Girly Girl:

Lace Crop Top €20

Tulle Skirt €27


Rugby Star:

Slogan Tee €16

Sports Leggings €14


I hope you enjoyed my story on how I am more than just a girl with This was my first video too so I hope you enjoyed it too. Watch this space! Don’t forget to tag your boohoo looks with #WeAreUs. 

Stay fabulous,

Love Kate x


*This post is in collaboration with and all items were gifted.

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