Latest Lust List

I am forever making lists and notes of things I want to buy and what I lust after. My list is pretty huge on the lusting side, a girl can never have too much right? I wanted to share with you some of my latest lusting products and things that I want to see & do in the next month or two. I have been saving for my holiday in June so I have had to cut down on my shopping habits. This has been a learning lesson for me as I can often forget what I am actually spending when shopping online. I am keeping an excel sheet with all of my expenses to help me save and it really is helping. I have always been a good saver in the long term but weekly saving and putting aside ‘shopping’ money has always been difficult for me. It’s my birthday in a few weeks too so dropping a few subtle hints to my family members! HA!


First things first have we seen Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kits!! Now, I know that a name is a name but I really want one of her Lip Kits. I have tried twice and failed both times in my attempt to get one of her Lip Kits. Since my first attempt she has even brought out more colours. There has been several blog posts about dupes of this product but I want the real thing. I am making it my mission to get one so watch this space! These photos are from Kylie’s Instagram.




I am a self confessed shoe-a-holic and I actually haven’t bought a new pair of shoes since Christmas (which is very good for me). I think every shoe lover has a pair of shoes they would adore to own, a shoe they aspire to. My ‘shoe goals’ change from year to year. When I was younger I aspired to owning a pair of Louboutin shoes. I had a particular pair in mind that were a little unique, I like owning things that aren’t your run of the mill. My aim was to buy this pair of shoes with my first proper pay cheque (in this case it was a few weeks wages) and I did it. Every pair of shoes has a story and when I wear my Louboutin shoes they always remind me of that job and how proud I felt buying them. I set my goals in terms of shoes. My next goal is to own a pair of shoes from Charlotte Olympia . They are quirky, fun and fit my personality down to a tee. I haven’t decided which shoe I want from her collection but here are a few of my favourites. The lusting will continue for a pair of these bad boys which someday will be mine. These photos are from the Charlotte Olympia website.


CO 1

CO 2


I feel like an old lady when I talk about my house and buying things for it as I am only 23 but I love having people over. I want to re-do my kitchen and get a new fridge, pots and pans etc. Granny alert! I can’t believe I just admitted that I want new pans for my kitchen. I am always on Pinterest looking up kitchen and home inspiration dreaming about how I will design my home. I want these mugs from @thedottylemon for my kitchen!


The Dotty Lemon:

I recently came across this online site and couldn’t believe it was Irish. They stock some pretty cool brands like Kate Spade, and one of my favourite sunglasses brand Quay Australia. I recently got a pair from The Dotty Lemon adding to my Quay Australia collection and I love them. Cannot wait for the weather to get better to wear them more. I will be stocking up on more Quay Australia sunnies before I go to Cuba in June.




Like I said before I am going away to Cuba and I cannot wait. The more research I do about Cuba, the more excited I get about my trip. Right now we have only paid for our flights so need to book a few more things. I have read some super blog posts and books on Cuba and I am currently writing a blog post about my research on Cuba. If you don’t know already there has been an embargo on Cuba with trade to and from USA, meaning that Cuba is not over developed. Did you know that Cuban’s are not allowed use the internet and WIFI is incredibly overpriced for tourists. It may look like my snapchat will be quite for those ten days. Cuba is HOT and I will of course need some new Summer clothes. So also saving for the shopping I will do Pre-Cuba.

What’s on your Lust List?

Stay Fabulous,

Love Kate x

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