So you want to get your teeth whitened?

We all want perfect pearly white teeth right? The first thing most people notice when they meet someone for the first time is their teeth. I know this is very shallow but it’s true. I have been lucky that I didn’t need to get braces when I was younger but it is something I would consider now that I am older. Also with my blog I am forever looking at photos of myself and I do notice that my top teeth aren’t straight. For me the pain of having braces just wouldn’t be worth it. My brother had braces when we were younger and I am not good with pain so c’est la vie!

I had my teeth whitened a few years ago and found the results were very good. It’s not something I would consider getting done on a regular basis but for a special occasion where there will be a lot of photos taken I would recommend it. A few weeks ago on my snapchat account (katekelly1) I asked my readers where they had been to get their teeth whitened before as I love a personal recommendation. A number of my readers got in touch to say that they have used The White House Teeth Whitening Specialist and recommended them as they didn’t feel any discomfort or sensitivity in the process. Remember I cannot handle any pain, teeth pain being the worse. When I got my wisdom teeth out I had to take 2 weeks off work the pain was that bad!

When I got in touch with  The White House Teeth Whitening Specialist they kindly offered me a free session in return for an honest review. They have clinics all over Ireland and I went to their Dundrum clinic. I was expecting it to be like a dentist and when I arrived it was actually just a two room clinic located in the Dundrum village. The cleanliness was superb. It’s the first thing I notice when I go somewhere for a service and I was very impressed when I arrived. The specialist sat me down and explained the whole process and compared the shade of my teeth to the demo he had. This made the whole process very realistic and catered to suit your needs. There is no point going in to get your teeth whitened thinking that you are going to come out looking like you have had veneers.  The specialist said my teeth were in great condition and not too much yellow or dark shades. I was so pleased to hear this as I drink about 10 cups of tea a day…guilty!

The process is very simple. It’s an hour long, divided up into four 15 minute sessions. The specialist applies the product onto your teeth, inserts the gum shield style mould, then places the light in front of your mouth and you sit watching TV for 15 minutes until he removes it all to start again, very simple. I won’t go into the science part of things on what ingredients do what etc because he will explain it all to you when you go in along with all the aftercare. When I got my teeth whitened before a few years ago, I went to a local place at home and it wasn’t the same process. I felt a lot of discomfort and sensitivity in my teeth so I was waiting for this pain to kick in but it didn’t. We were on the fourth section and I was just waiting for the sensitivity but it didn’t happen. It was a huge relief, not going to lie I was dreading getting this done. I’m such a baby when it comes to going to the dentist.

Would I go back to The White House Teeth Whitening ? Yes I would! Look at my before and after photo: You can see that my teeth are not completely white but a few shades lighter, a nice natural look.

Before After 3

The product I swear by for keeping my teeth looking as white as possible is Beverly Hills Formula Toothpaste ‘Perfect White Black’. It’s a toothpaste with charcoal as the active ingredient. Activated Charcoal is also known for its love of tannins – compounds found in coffee, tea, wine, berries and spices, all of which stain your teeth; the Activated Charcoal helps remove tannins from the surface of your teeth without harming the enamel. I use this toothpaste once a day and then use my normal toothpaste in between when brushing my teeth. The changes you will notice are over time and not straight away but you really will notice a difference in your smile.

Thank you The White House Teeth Whitening for having me into your clinic in Dundrum to get my teeth whitened. If you want to find out more about getting your teeth whitened check out their website here. Every month they have different offers for teeth whitening.

I hope you enjoyed this post about my experience with teeth whitening. Let me know if you have any questions on twitter @k8_kell.

Stay Fabulous,

Love Kate x

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