I finally got a Lip Kit by Kylie!

I finally got a Kylie Jenner Lip Kit! After 3 unsuccessful tries I managed to bag myself not 1 but 2 Lip Kits for myself. I love the Kardashian family and want nearly everything they touch. For this reason I just had to own a Lip Kit by Kylie. For some yes I know this is a little bit sad but it just shows the influence they have. I think it was a smart business move by Kris and Kylie to bring out these Lip Kits. Last year the most talked about Celeb story was Kylie Jenner’s Lips. It makes complete sense that they would bring out a product to match the story and make a few dollars.

These Lip Kit’s have had a huge hype around them so I am going to give you my honest opinion.

The Packaging:

It screams Kylie! It is 100% her influence and from a branding point of view I love it. When the postman delivered my box I knew straight away that it was my Lip Kit by Kylie. The style is very funky and edgy. Her graphic designer should be very proud as it completely fits in with Kylie’s image and brand. When you open the box you will see that there is a postcard with a note from Kylie. This personal touch added to the whole experience. I know that she put this in every parcel but still it was a great idea. The Lip Kit itself has the same theme and the packaging speaks for itself.P4020430

The Shades:

I have two of the shades from the collection, Candy K (as seen on me in the photos) and Posie K. The shades are deep tones as they are the shades Kylie wears herself. If you want a true indication of what a shade looks like then I recommend looking on her Lip Kit Instagram which is @kyliecosmetics where you will see different girls wearing the shades. Koko K is a shade I want to try next.


My Expectations:

I had really high hopes for this product and I have to give it to Kylie, she met them. The lip liner helps you create a fuller lip, just like Kylie’s. I used the product without the lip liner and in my opinion you need the liner to create a nice even shape to your lips but still have them very natural. The lip stick looks like a gloss except it is matte. It dries on your lips instantly and has a matte finish. At the time my lips were on the dry side yet the product did not sink into the cracks. I was so impressed with this because normally when you wear a matte style lip you need to prepare your lips. What impressed me the most was the lasting power of the Lip Kit. I applied it mid day and did not top up once. I had been drinking water, eating food and it still did not budge. If you want a matte lip that stays in place then you need this.


The Price:

To get your Lip Kit by Kylie delivered to Ireland you are looking at a price range from €30-€40 depending on exchange rate at the time and what not. Is it expensive, yes. Is it worth it, yes! I know there are cheaper products from different brands on the market but what Kardashian fan doesn’t want one of these. Delivery took 2 weeks for mine so do allow 2-3 weeks for your Lip Kit to arrive.

How to get a Lip Kit by Kylie:

Kylie will announce randomly on her social media sites, app and website when the next drop is. You need to be quick as these sell out within minutes and won’t be back in stock for a week or two depending. Visit her website for more info, www.kyliecosmetics.com

If you are not a fan of the Kardashian’s then I completely understand why this product is not for you and the reason you don’t want it. I am very happy with my purchase and will keep you updated if I try any other shades.

Stay Fabulous,

Love Kate x


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