If I Was A Bag…

If I was a bag I would be super sparkly, covered in glitter and floral patterns. Shoes and bags should always be sparkly and fabulous. A statement bag can completely change up an outfit and add the finishing touches to a look. Monsoon Accessorize kindly asked me to be part of their #IfIWasABag campaign. They asked me to choose a bag that would represent my personally and this bag screamed KATE KELLY! When I looked at the details I saw that the bag was called ‘Kate Floral Clutch’… if that’s not a sign that this bag was made for me, I don’t know what is.




At the weekend I went to my parents house which is in the middle of the countryside. My mum keeps the garden immaculate and every time I go home I love going for walks through the forest and admiring the flowers. My favourite tree at home is the Cherry Blossom. I was so happy that it was still in bloom when I got home so I took full advantage for my photos.



When choosing a bag it’s not always about how practical the bag is but how much you lust over the look of the bag. My own opinion on shopping for handbags is go with your heart. I rarely buy handbags but when I do, I fall in love with the look of them. I have my everyday going to work black handbag and it is practical but it’s boring. It won’t stop anyone in the street and say ‘Wow, where did you get that bag’. I am all about the show stopping accessories, the more sparkles, the better.


You can buy the Monsoon Accessorize handbag online here for €45.90

Stay Fabulous,

Love Kate x


*Thank you to Monsoon Accessorize for sending me this pretty bag*

One thought on “If I Was A Bag…

  1. I love the bag, always go for the sparkles, and am also very jealous that you have a cherry blossom tree at home. It’s my favourite tree. So gorgeous!

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