Clarins Lip Comfort Oils have made a comeback!

Never have I been more excited about receiving a press release other than when Clarins emailed me. Last year saw Clarins release a NEW Lip Comforting Oil which was one of my 2015 beauty must have items! Clarins then discontinued this product and I was devastated, I couldn’t stop raving about their Lip Oil (I actually stocked up just before they discontinued). Now for their Summer 2016 collection they have brought their Lip Comfort Oil back out and with a NEW shade ‘Red Berry’. So fear not, all you lovely ladies can get your hands on one of my favourite beauty products!

Last week on my snapchat (katekelly1) I talked about why I love the Clarins Lip Comfort Oil and now I am going to tell you why you need it in your life.


Why I cannot live without Clarins Lip Comfort Oil:

  • It’s not STICKY (as it’s made with natural oils). Pet hate of mine is when lip products STICK to my hair. I would rather wear nothing on my lips than a super sticky product.
  • Your lips feel instantly nourished so say goodbye to winter chapped lips. I have always suffered from dry lips and have a lip balm in every handbag I own in fear that I will be out and my lips will be too dry. When I apply this balm in the morning I will not have to use any other lip product for hours, and I mean hours! If you suffer from dry lips I cannot recommend this product more highly.
  • There is a slight lip plumping effect. I noticed that the Lip Oil made my lips look naturally fuller without a serious plumped effect.


Why you need Clarins Lip Comfort Oil in your life: 

  • They come in 3 cute colours; Honey, Raspberry and Red Berry. 
  • Each oil is slightly tinted. It’s not ‘just’ a gloss but each shade has a slight glow to them to complement the look you are going for. They also enhance your lips natural shade.
  • The product lasts for ages. On the pricey side for what some will say is a glorified gloss. I kid you not this product will last you months, even when used everyday.
  • Your dry lips will be non-existent after using the Clarins Lip Comfort Oil. Soft and silky lips will be achieved by the active plant ingredients in the Lip Oil.
  • You can wear this product on it’s own or over lipstick. Multi-use product!


Hearing that Clarins have re-introduced this product into their collection has made me one happy beauty lover.  Buh-bye limited edition, Clarins Lip Comfort Oil is here to stay!

Lip Comfort Oil 01, 02, 03 – €21 available NOW from all Clarins counters.

Stay Fabulous,

Love Kate x

*Clarins have kindly sent me these amazing products as a sample*

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