Multi Masking on Xpose

What a week! My own beauty feature on Xpose and then last week I won ‘Most Aussome Beauty Blog’ at the Aussie Blog Awards! It’s all amazing! On my first beauty slot on TV3’s Xpose  I showed you how to Multi Mask. What is ‘Multi Masking’ you say? It is when you apply different face masks to different problem areas of your skin. The t-zone area on your face is different to the rest of your face so you would apply a clay mask as this area is more prone to oiliness, breakouts and shine.  Then apply a hydrating mask to the rest of your face if you find your skin tight and dry.

Multi Masking has become a weekly routine for me as I have combination skin. My skin type is oily on my t-zone and dehydrated/dry on the rest of my face. Check out the full video of my Multi Masking on Xpose’s website here. Multi Masking

I use Sanctuary 5 Min Thermal Detox Mask RRP €13.99 (I leave it on for more than 5 minutes) on my t-zone. It is a grey, super thick clay mask. You really have to work it into the skin and then it heats up after a few minutes. The warmth of this Sanctuary Thermal Detox self-heating mask helps to open up the pores so the charcoal and kaolin clay can help draw out the impurities from deep within the skin.

The next mask I use is Clarins HydraQuench Cream Mask RRP €42 for hydration. This is a white, creamy, thick textured mask that you rub into your skin. My skin is more dehydrated than dry (yes I drink lots of water) so that is why I use this Clarins product. I apply it on my forehead and cheeks (not my t-zone as it is oily).


You might have read my ‘Multi Masking’ article on a few months ago. Being featured on Xpose was an incredible experience and my first experience into the world of presenting. One of my favourite topics to talk about on my snapchat (katekelly1) has to be skincare, I am obsessed with it! It’s important to invest in good skincare. If you don’t have a  good base to start with your makeup won’t look as good as it should. Having a regular routine with your skincare is a must. Using expensive good products won’t change your skin in one use but over time. It is very rare that in a few days you will see a huge difference but more like over a few weeks even months for some products. Your skin needs time to adjust to these products.



I hope you liked my first beauty slot on Xpose. Watch this space for more exciting projects!

Stay Fabulous,

Kate x

Multi Masking 1

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