May Madness

What a month it has been! May really has been a month of madness. This month my full attention hasn’t been on my blog but several things in my life and I want to share them with you. I have some news to share about a new venture too!

I now have an AWARD WINNING blog! Shocked, excited, thrilled, all the emotions I felt when my blog WON the ‘Most Aussome Beauty Blog’ at The Aussie Blog Awards with at the start of the month. When I started my blog I made it to the final of the Aussie Blog Awards ‘Most Aussome Newcomer’ category  back in 2014. I remember Karen from ‘Lovely Girlie Bits‘ winning ‘Most Aussome Beauty Blog’ that year and her blog was HUGE. I couldn’t believe being at the awards with her and now she’s a fellow blogging friend! What made winning this award so special to me was that my blog had traveled on a journey the past two years since I was first nominated with a lot of hard work and it was all worth it. Without my readers what is my blog so I just want to say a HUGE THANK YOU! Below I am pictured with some of the other beautiful blogging ladies Eadaoin from Fashion Aid and one of my best friends Stephanie from 


We made CAVAN HAPPEN! If you don’t know already, I work as PR & Marketing Executive for Cocoa Brown Tan. My boss, Marissa Carter has been taking her beauty knowledge around the country hosting a fabulous girly day out called ‘Marissa’s Masterclass’. I convinced Marissa to take her Masterclass to my hometown of Cavan and with all of your support we made it happen and what a day it was. I always say if you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life and that’s how I feel right now. Watch this space for some VERY exciting Cocoa Brown launches in the next week or two! If you want to come to one of Marissa’s Masterclasses you can get tickets online here.  


If you follow me on snapchat (katekelly1) or Instagram (katekellyk)  you would have seen that earlier in the month I entered the Rose of Cavan, part of The Rose of Tralee Festival. As a child it was something I always watched but never thought I would ever be part of. The joke in my house was always ‘What talent will Kate do’ as I was hopeless and not musical what so ever. The experience was totally out of my comfort zone and I have never felt more nervous about taking part in something but I really enjoyed it. When you are up on stage with your whole family cheering you on, the feeling is something else and you feel like you have made them so proud. I met the most amazing girls who I now call my friends and that is what The Rose of Tralee is all about, friendship. I mean, waking up to 96 WhatsApp messages is a daily occurrence with our group, friendship goals right there! I didn’t make it through to become The Cavan Rose but my fabulous friend Lisa, who really is one of the sweetest girls you will ever meet will represent Cavan and I cannot wait to support here down in Tralee. Below is a photo of myself and Lisa.

Lisa and Kate


We are off to CUBA! The trip I have spent the past 6 months researching and saving for is finally happening. I feel like a child that is waiting for Christmas morning but the day is nearly here and I am fully packed and ready to go. I feel like a walking, talking encyclopedia of facts about Cuba and where to find the best Mojito so I cannot wait to get there, not just for the Mojito’s! So this topic is what leads me to my exciting news. Darragh (my boyfriend/ the person behind the camera for my blog) and myself and starting a TRAVEL BLOG. It is something we have talked about for a while and thought our Trip to Cuba would be the best start for it. The site is not up yet (technology is not our best friend) but we will have it up as soon as we arrive home at the end of June sharing our adventure. Our blog is called ‘Where to next darling..?’.  In the meantime, we will be posting all of our photos from our trip to CUBA on our Instagram which is @wheretonextdarling sharing all the fun from our adventure. I now will have two blogs which is so exciting. I will be blogging purely about Beauty and Fashion on ‘Pure Irish Sugar’ and Travel on ‘Where to next darling..?’, thank you for your support and wish us luck!

WTND logo 3.jpg

Stay Fabulous,

Love Kate x


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