It’s a beach life

Varadero in Cuba is one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever visited. Varadero, covering Cuba’s narrow Hicacos Peninsula, is a popular beach resort town. We only spent 24 hours on this beautiful beach but that was more than enough time for us. Varadero has mainly all inclusive resorts, which were lovely but that’s not what we wanted from our visit to Cuba.  Our travel blog will be up and running next week so I’ll be sharing more details about staying in Varadero there. The sand between my toes and the crystal clear water made me love our time in Varadero.




I am by no means ‘bikini ready’ but that didn’t stop me wearing cute outfits on the beach. There really is a huge selection out there now for fashionable cover ups from the beach and I adore this leaf patterned dress from ASOS.  I wore a simple white bikini underneath the dress as it’s very low cut. When I feel self conscious about my body I always feel better when I wear a patterned outfit or a bight colour. It’s like an instant pick me up. I know I won’t get wearing this dress in Ireland but it’s one for future holidays. You can buy my ASOS dress online here for €39.  I themed it with a beach hat from Penney/Primark which was €5 and sunglasses that were €3.50. A total bargain! I leave sunhats behind as they are so awkward to carry, hence why spending €5 was ideal.



Stay Fabulous,

Lv Kate x

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