Why you need to try the NEW Cocoa Brown Products

Marissa Carter has done it again and changed the game with her NEW product launch. This time it’s not tan but haircare products. Most of you know I work for Cocoa Brown Tan and my girl boss Marissa shares why she she decided to bring out a range of haircare products.

“My passion for beauty isn’t limited to tanning so I want the Cocoa Brown brand to reflect that. It can be difficult to find haircare that is suitable for sensitive scalp, coloured hair, extensions and volumising all at the same time. I’ve created the Kind collection with this in mind.”


Introducing The Kind Collection from Cocoa Brown! I have spoken before on my blog here and on my snapchat about how I have a sensitive scalp. I find when my scalp is really bad that I can’t use ‘normal’ shampoo as it makes my scalp feel like it is on fire (not being dramatic at all). Marissa gave me a sample of the shampoo to use weeks ago and I haven’t had a flare up since using the Kind Shampoo. Since I have started talking about my scalp issues, more and more of my followers have told me they have a similar issue. I couldn’t wait to share the news that Marissa was bringing out a shampoo to tackle this problem. In my photos I have featured the travel sized products that are in a travel set in pharmacies nationwide. The Kind Shampoo & Conditioner will be available nationwide from the 8th of July in a 200ml bottle.


How will The Kind Collection help your tan:

I am sure a lot of you are thinking what is the connection between The Kind Collection and Cocoa Brown products. Many people are unaware that the level of pH in shower products can affect how well you tan develops. Ever wondered why your tan doesn’t develop as dark as it normally would when you apply tan straight after you shower. Well, it’s because of the pH levels in the shampoo, conditioner and shower gel that you use. Marissa has brought out The Kind Collection to solve this problem. The pH level of these products won’t interfere with your Cocoa Brown Tan, helping maintain your glow and ensuring an even fade.  


Why you will love the Cocoa Brown Kind Collection:

  • The scent is super fruity: Scented with the original Cocoa Brown scent of Tahitian Gardenia plus fruity peach notes, this is a product your nose will love.
  • Suitable for sensitive scalps: Free from parabens, alcohol and formaldehyde, the Kind range gives a gentle, fresh wash, ideal for those with sensitive scalp and skin conditions. 
  • Suitable for coloured hair and hair extensions. 
  • Added Volume: When you use the Kind Shampoo you feel the difference in your hair. It feels lighter and looks more voluminous.
  • Silky Sooth: There is no point in using a conditioner unless your hair is going to be left with that silky smooth finish. The Kind Conditioner leaves hair feeling soft which means no tangles for fellow long haired girls.
  • Comes is different sizes: The 50ml products come in the Cocoa Brown Travel Pack and 200ml Kind Shampoo & Conditioner will be available from the 8th of July.



Cocoa Brown Kind Shampoo, Conditioner and Shower Gel (200ml)  will be available in Cocoa Brown stockists nationwide from Friday 8th July. RRP €3.50.

Stay Fabulous,

Love Kate

*Do note I work for Cocoa Brown Tan but I have special love for this shampoo.



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