My Top 10 Skincare Must Haves

A few weeks ago on my snapchat (katekelly1) I discussed my top 10 skincare must haves. Talking skincare is my thing. It’s so important to look after your skin from a young age. Spending a little extra on skincare, in my opinion is worth it. My mum always looked after her skin from a young age and her skin is amazing. Over using a product, or not using it at the right time of the day can often hinder your skin. I’m going to show you my top 10 skincare items that I am loving right now and when best to use them.


1. Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser – €14.99

Without a doubt this has to be my favourite product that I use. It’s my desert island must have. Why do I love it so much? I have never used a cleanser like it and it’s frigging amazing! My skin is incredibly sensitive and I wear a lot of makeup. This cleanser is soft and gentle on your skin and takes off the most stubborn mascaras without hurting your eyes. I always cleanse my skin every evening even when I don’t wear any makeup. I have tried other cleansers but will never steer from Cetaphil. My number 1 beauty must have!

2. Bioderma Sensibio H20 Micellar Solution – €5.50

In keeping with the cleansing theme I had to put in the Bioderma Micellar Solution. This product again is incredibly gentle on your eyes. I use it for taking off my mascara and I always use this product when I don’t have any makeup on. It’s a great way to refresh your face and that is why I love the travel size version I have in the photo. I keep it in my bag  in case of emergency cleansing needed. Nothing worse than when you have dry and sore eyes and just NEED to take off your makeup.

3. Image Skincare Prevention+ Daily Matte Moisturiser SPF 32 €44.50

This is a brand I see a lot of people talking about so I was incredibly curious about what Image Skincare would be actually like. I prefer French skincare brands so trying an American skincare product that was expensive was a little daunting to me but I was impressed. This product felt very different to other day moisturisers I had used before but I really like it. It leaves your skin with a matte finish so you can apply makeup over it and it has a built in SPF which you know I love! I bought it from The Buff Day Spa in Dublin a while ago after a facial and I am going to book myself in for one of the Image Skincare facials seeing as I liked this product so much. Best for oily skin, hence why I use it in the morning as my t-zone is very oily.

4. Nuxe Crème Fraiche 24hr Moisturizing Cream €32

You need this. I think that is all I need to say. If you have dry skin and need a night time moisturiser that is not too rich, yet will hydrate your skin and make you look as fresh as a daisy the next morning then you have found your moisturiser. I am currently on my 7th…yes 7th tube and I always have a tube in reserve. The FEAR of running out of your favourite gives me anxiety.

5. Clarins Booster Detox €39 Debenhams

Partying, overindulging and exposure to pollution…yes that would be me. These words describe the Clarins Booster Detox would be suitable for you. This Detox Booster contains green coffee extract to detoxify and purify your skin, while reviving radiance. Add 3 – 5 drops to your existing moisturiser, face mask or foundation for an intensive, detoxifying boost. I use it about 3 times a month as a specialised treatment mixed in with my other beauty products when I feel like my skin needs that extra boost. This product is strong so 100% do not use on it’s own as you could damage your skin.

6. Voya Love A Scrub – €28

I tried this product after getting it in a goodie bag at an event. I had never used any products from Irish Brand Voya so I was very excited to try something new and it didn’t disappoint. This scrub is truly fabulous. I use it 2 times a week. It’s a gritty scrub and is made with seaweed which soothes and nourishes your skin. The tube is huge which will last ages as I exfoliate twice a week. A huge thumbs up from me.

7. Declaré Hydro Mask – €29.95

After my cleanser I love a good hydrating mask. You may have seen before that I was on Xpose for my ‘Multi Masking’. I have combination skin and love trying new hydrating masks and clay masks. Declaré is a Swiss brand that I have only recently tried and I have been completely won over. The products feel so luxurious on your skin. I use the Declaré Hydro mask once a week for an Instant Hydration. I usually leave it on for 20-30 minutes, depending on how long I have. This product is currently number 1 in my hydration mask category.

8. La Roche Posay Toleriane Ultra Contour Yeux – €19.99 Llyods Pharmacy

This eye cream saved me! A month ago my eyes became incredibly dry and swollen. At first I thought I had an eye infection but then after going to the doctor he said it was down to hay fever and lack of sleep. I went into Llyods Pharmacy in Blackrock and asked a lady in there if they knew of anything that could help me. She recommended that I try this La Roche Posay product and I felt a difference straight away. If you have irritated eyes and don’t know what to do you need this product in your life, the relief my eyes felt after using it was incredible.

9. Clarins UV Plus Anti-Pollution Day Screen SPF 50 – €34.20

I have featured this Clarins product before on my blog and I will say it again, it’s incredible. The texture on your skin, it doesn’t block your pores and you can wear it everyday. SPF is so important not only to protect your skin from harmful rays but also for when your skin starts to age. The texture of this Clarins product is really light weight and you can apply your foundation or moisturiser straight away. I hate using heavy SPF on my face and I have to say I cannot speak more highly of this Clarins product.

10. Serums

 Avene Soothing Hydrating Serum €24.99

So the first serum I am going to talk about is from Avène and I had a love hate relationship at the start. I normally use an oil like serum, like the Yonka serum and this was my first experience using a gel like serum. I thought my skin felt sticky at the start and slightly uncomfortable. Now I wasn’t using this product everyday and I used it in the morning. I mean I was off to a bad start…what was I thinking! Bad beauty blogger Kate. So I gave it a few weeks break and for the past two weeks I have been using it at night because you know what, serum absorbs quicker on your skin at night. I think why I wasn’t 100% loving this product was because I normally use an intense serum and I kept comparing the two when both are SO different. After 2 weeks of everyday use I do like this serum but for different reasons to my intense Yonka serum. The Avène serum has a light feel on the skin and will leave not a trace of oiliness. It leaves skin feeling firm and has a plump feeling to it. I think this serum would be amazing for those ladies who have never tried a serum before or who want a lighter feeling serum for the summer months.

Yonka Age Defense Serum

This is a holy grail product in my eyes. My mum introduced me to using serums a few years ago when my skin was incredibly de-hydrated. Her sister, Milly co-owns Escape Beauty and Massage in Cavan and they stock Yonka products so that is how I tried this gem of a product. I love having the beauty chats with both of them and it is what has inspired me to go the beauty route. Yonka products are expensive (I think this serum is €50) but trust me this serum is worth it. I would never recommend a product that I wouldn’t go out and buy myself over and over again if it wasn’t amazing. If you want a intense nourishing serum then this is the one for you. It is incredibly oily so make sure you use it at night. When you wake up your skin will feel nourished straight away.

Stay Fabulous,

Love Kate x




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