Summer Styling

I’m still living in hope that the Irish summer will turn around and we will be blessed with a glorious heat wave. A girl can dream right? I took photos for my blog about 2 weeks ago when we had a beautiful morning. I rarely wear shorts, I am more of a dress or skirt kind of girl. I’m sure you have all heard of American brand Aeropostale, well now they have arrived in Ireland! I was completely unaware of this (yes I was living under a rock) until a few months ago. Aeropostale was a brand that I wore when I was younger when I first visited America. I was kindly invited in to pick and style a summer outfit of my choice. The Aeropostale Ireland store is located in the Liffey Valley Shopping Centre just outside Dublin.




The blouse I am wearing in the photos is the softest top I own. It felt like I was wearing a pj top. The quality of Aeropostale is very high for their price point. I paired the blouse with a cute pair of cotton shorts for comfort. The black top I have underneath is actually a sports bra believe it or not. I think it works really well with the blouse open and adds a little funkiness to the outfit. You can buy all of the pieces in my blog post in Aeropostale in Liffey Valley Shopping Centre.


Next time I am in their Liffey Valley Store I am going to pick up some of their gym gear. Other than Penneys/Primark I find it so hard to get nice gym gear that isn’t a crazy price. I know when you buy Nike you are paying for the quality but sometimes I just want to look pretty when I attempt to workout. Also, gym leggings are very handy for throwing on when you have to run around the house or nip out to the shops.

Stay Fabulous,

Love Kate

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