Mani Pedi Time!

Most of us look after our nails by going regularly to the salon for gels or shellac but we often forget about looking after our feet. With the Irish summer finally arriving it’s time to dig out our holiday sandals. There really is nothing worse than seeing someones feet in sandals with unpolished toes or even worse dead skin on their heels! I don’t particularly like other people touching my toes so I try do at home pedicures every 2 weeks.


Last summer I invested in a MICRO Pedi NANO and I love it. It’s so small and handy for using. By the way I know some people are freaked out my feet and toes so I won’t go into to much detail but it really is the best of it’s kind. It gently exfoliates and removes hard, dry, rough skin in seconds to leave feet smooth and beautiful. It’s run by battery power and only takes about 2 minutes to use on both feet. Of course mine is in PINK!



You can buy the MICRO Pedi NANO online from for €19.95 and in pharmacies nationwide.

Stay Fabulous,

Love Kate x

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