Why I Started Blogging

The topic of blogging has been very high recently with a lot of emphasis on why writers blog and the purpose of their blog. I wanted to write this post sharing why I started my blog and what I have learned along the way. Blogging isn’t all about the ‘freebies’ and the events, don’t get me wrong I love them and would be lieing if I didn’t say it. For me blogging is about so much more; it’s about sharing my knowledge with others and learning new skills for myself. Before blogging I didn’t know how to tweet and was unaware of the power of social media.


The reason why I started blogging is very simple…

I wanted to learn.

In 2012 I graduated from NUIG with a Commerce Degree and took a year out to travel. I originally wanted to have a travel blog but didn’t have the technology skills back in 2013 to start a blog so I parked that idea for the moment.
I actually started my blog 2 years ago while studying PR & Marketing in College to improve my writing skills. Our lecturer wanted us to write about something we were passionate about. In my case, this was beauty and fashion, and that is where Pure Irish Sugar was born. When I started my blog we were working on our final year project which was a 12 month PR plan for an Irish Company of our choice. I chose a company that I admired and a company where I could see myself working. As a self confessed beauty addict I chose Irish Tanning Brand Cocoa Brown Tan by Marissa Carter. Little did I know that this would land me my first big job in PR and Marketing.
At the start I just saw my blog as a place where I wrote about beauty to improve my writing skills and help me understand the world of PR a little more. No one really knew about my blog except my family and friends. One of my friends Catherine really encouraged me to start my blog as I was always sharing my beauty knowledge with her. I asked my dad to read every post to improve my grammar, he was my best critic. At the time more and more blogs were emerging and I could see that the power of bloggers opinions would soon be incredible. I taught myself everything on my blog and researched what made a blog ‘good’ in terms of PR standards. Without taking the plunge to start my blog I wouldn’t be where I am today. I really pushed myself to learn more about the market in terms of blogging and the effect it has on society. What better way than to start my own blog and see the results first hand.


I will always see my blog as a hobby and a place where I can express myself, writing about what interests me. There are so many blogs out there, some being specific about a topic and others about the persons lifestyle in detail. It is up to you what type of blog you want to follow, but more importantly the type of blogs that influence you. The type of blogs I read the most are travel blogs. I am an adventurer at heart and this is where I gather my inspiration. I wanted to challenge myself even more this year and that is why I created my travel blog with my other half called ‘Where to next darling..?’.
WTND logo 3
Now in 2016, I am an award winning blogger,  I have not one but two blogs and I work full time in PR & Marketing. How do I make time for everything? I don’t know what the magic secret is but if you want something bad enough you work your little butt off to make it happen. Nothing ‘just’ happens to people, they make it happen.
I spoke at the very first Goss.ie Course where CEO and Editor of Goss.ie Alexandra Ryan  ran an intense five day course. From learning the basics of how to create an article from scratch to the recording and editing of your own video content to utilising social media – they covered everything.
 If you want to know more about PR email me on pureirishsugar@gmail.com.
Stay Fabulous,
Kate x

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