Time to relax with Decléor

I often get asked how do I unwind with such a busy schedule. Getting the work life balance is difficult and everyone is different with what they find relaxing. For me, doing something where I can’t use my phone is key. An hour of a facial or a treatment in a spa is my favourite way to relax. It’s a time where you don’t need to talk to anyone and you can truly let your mind unwind. When Decléor invited me down for their launch in The Spa at Killarney Plaza Hotel I was only delighted. I’ve been using the Decléor Aroma Night Balm for the past few weeks and it is so dreamy. It’s a luxurious balm with aroma scents, a lovely treat for your face after a long day. I use it every second night before I go to bed.


If you have been following my blog for a while now you will know that I am a skincare fanatic. My mom was a beauty therapist so I have learned a lot from her from a young age. I regularly get facials, usually every 6 weeks. The reason I do this is because when my skin looks good I feel good. It also means I don’t have to wear as much makeup!


When you enter The Spa at the Killarney Plaza you will straight away feel the relaxed and friendly environment. Monika, the Spa manager greeted myself and Darragh to show us around. She explained what our treatments were about. In this Spa they have two types of signature vitality therapies; Gulf Stream Hydro Therapy Pool and Earth, Fire and Water Serail Therapy.

Their two signature therapies are perfect to do as a couple or with a friend. We decided to try the second therapy and it was so much fun. This therapy is all about the body detoxing. There were a few elements involved in this therapy before we could fully relax. The first step was a body scrub that was so luxurious. This prepped the skin for the hydrating mud mask for the body. There were two different types of masks used for this treatment, a white mud mask for our face and a grey mask for our body. Once applied this was when we truly relaxed. You’ll see from my fabulous photo below how I rocked the mud mask look. You have your own private steam room with heated seats (couldn’t get a clear photo of the room for obvious reasons). Once your treatment is coming to an end, tropical rain will mist down from the ceiling and you can wash off the mud. An hour in the treatment and I was so relaxed. My skin felt great and my mind was completely unwound.


After the therapy treatement, Darragh had a hot stone massage and I tried out one of Decléor’s facials with a focus on dehydrated skin. They said to me once I had a Decléor facial I might never get a different facial again. I loved it! My skin looked incredible afterwards and Norma, my facialist was incredible. Often after facials my skin can break out because of the toxins being brought to the surface but my skin never looked better. If you have never tried Decléor before then I recommend trying one of their facials to see how your skin feels with then brand. It’s a great way to try out different products and se what you need for your skin. My favourite product of Decléor is their Night Balm.



If you are looking for a girly getaway or a romantic break like we did, then I woud recommend The Spa at The Killarney Plaza. We loved it and I can’t wait to go back again.

A huge thank you to Decléor for inviting Darragh & myself down for the weekend. This spa was incredible!

Stay Fabulous,

Love Kate x

* The treatments mention were complimentary

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